Global energy focus for OCTOBER highlights:    Outcome of business direction from inception of July.   Ending of contracts of July.   Contractual agreements of October stem from business proposals of July 2019.    Property affair of October 2019 sees outcome January 2020.   October indicates material loss from property affairs of July, weakness in investments, weakness in property value, weakness in new business, weakness in relationships;  weakness in contractual affairs of July, weakness in finances and investments of business, material loss for new ventures for January 2021, loss through fluctuation of moneytary value.   Hidden things regarding investments.   Favourable for personal wealth and material security.  Favourable for communications, advertising, daily routines, work deadlines, short trips, accounts.   Gain for women of authority.    Gain through contracts, agreements.  Trips for recreation.   Disruption in universities.  Endings of legal matters.  

Eventful days for action and commitment:  30th September focus on business direction of October;  4th October gains to be received in November;   6th October matters of wealth for January 2020;   14th  October fulfilment of contracts of July;  preparation toward new direction for January 2020;     21st October gain from agreements of July, which end in January 2020.     Full Moon 14th.