SEPTEMBER 2019 WEEK OF 23rd-29th


EPHEMERAL CYCLE OF EVENTS: Monday 23rd:  Favourable for material gain, investments, banking, rental, financial settlements of legal affairs, procedures of the physical body, unfavourable for starting new ventures, recruitment of new employees, communications are true, focus on affairs of July Tuesday 24th:  Favourable for courses, university education, workshops, travel, foreign affairs, movement, outings, focus on affairs of August Wednesday 25th:  Favourable for association and requests with those of authority, new ventures, education Thursday 26th:  Favourable for unexpected movement, trips, secret things. Unfavourable for commitments as hidden things Friday 27th:  Favourable for acts of destruction of bad habits, tendency to disruption and conflict, recreation, social affairs, activities of concealment, unfavourable for movement Saturday 28th:  Favourable for things that you wish to remain hidden Sunday 29th:   Favourable for plans for October’s affairs, foreign affairs, planning of work, movement, trip, accounts, communications, messages, writings, agreements, status of ownership, position, direction, work of employees, social affairs, pleasures. New Moon.

These are global foresights from alignments of the month of September. Individualised foresights stem from alignments from the personal data.