dinastro FORESIGHTS OCTOBER 2019 WEEK OF 14-20th

EPHEMERAL SYNOPSIS OF EVENTS: Financial and work affairs concerning work premises, the recruitment and retrenchment of employees, legal affairs, association with foreign matters, matters of education, work deadlines, accounts and payments features delays on the week of the 11th November 2019 with a resolution in outcome week of the 25th November 2019. Week for the 14th October features agreements from events of the week of the 7th October 2019.

Monday 14th: Favourable for agreements, contracts, legal affairs, communications, meetings, partnerships. Contractual agreements made today will end December 2020. Full Moon. Tuesday 15th: favourable for movement, trips, cutting of ties, intrusions, windfalls, ownership, investments. Unfavourable for ownership, investments. News of today are true. Wednesday 16th: favourable for matters of wealth, social affairs, purchases will hold value and last. Unfavourable for work deadlines, communications, accounts, movement. Thursday 17th: favourable for work deadlines, health routines, employment, property matters, investments. Friday 18th: favourable for work deadlines, health routines, matters of employees. Unfavourable for communications, trips, recruitment of employees. Saturday 19th: favourable for relationships, agreements, meetings, social, investments, payments. Sunday 20th: favourable for gain of material worth, social events, ownership, property affairs, investments, agreements, relationships. Unfavourable for monetary fluctuations, constraints.

These are global foresights from the general planetary alignments of the month of September. Planetary alignments of the personal data provides individualised foresights.