dinastro FORESIGHTS OCTOBER 2019 WEEK OF 21-27th

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS: For those of us born under the constellation of: Aries the focus this week features outcome of legal affair, personal finances, home activities; Taurus features busyness in organising work affairs with client’s employees, short trips, beauty of self; Gemini features activities regarding finances and possessions; Cancer features planning for new direction from July; Leo focus on endings linked to work and employees; Virgo focus in group activities, business accounts; Libra focus on business direction, employment, ownership, proposal; Scorpio focus on foreign affairs, legal matters; Sagittarius focus on investments and payments; Capricorn on meetings, contracts, partnerships, movement, trip; Aquarius on work deadlines; Pisces on investments, children, recreation.

ELECTIVE FORESIGHTS: Financial and work affairs, matters of employees, legal affairs, foreign matters of the week of 21st October features delays in the week of the 4th November and sees outcome on the week of 2nd December 2019.

Monday 21st: Favourable to engage in meetings, agreements, contracts, legal pursuits, work deadlines, foreign affairs Tuesday 22nd: favourable to secure payments, investments, sending proposals, installing property fixtures Wednesday 23rd: favourable to secure payments, funding, foreign matters, legal affairs, gain, work deadlines, hidden things Thursday 24th: favourable for dealing with foreign affairs, legal matters, locking and securing things Friday 25th: favourable for action in foreign affairs, legal matters, work activities, reflection Saturday 26th: favourable for movement, trip, recreation, social events, unfavourable for commitments Sunday 27th: favourable for recreation, unfavourable for commitments and purchasing, communications will prove false.

These are global predictions from the general planetary alignments of the month of October. Planetary alignments of the personal data provides individualised foresights.