EPHEMERAL GUIDE OF EVENTS: Financial and work affairs concerning work premises, the recruitment and retrenchment of employees, legal affairs, association with foreign matters and affairs of education of the week of the 7th of October 2019 see delays with a resolution in outcome on the week of the 18th November 2019. Monday 7th:   Favourable for matters regarding finances, banking, possessions (buying and selling), accounts, investments, association with employees, work communications, acts of disruption, movement, property affairs, action of plans of August Tuesday 8th:   Favourable for matters of finances, banking, possessions, payments, plans for February 2020 Wednesday 9th:   Favourable for matters of finances, possessions; unfavourable for commitments Thursday 10th:  Favourable for hurried work affairs, communications, accounts, meetings, agreements, clothing, association with employees, resources of property, ownership, promotion of credit and business, association with authority figures, education Friday 11th:   Favourable for news, communications, riches, short trips, status of employment, things concealed, inspiration, addiction  Saturday 12th:  Favourable for revelation of things that were hidden week of the 29th September, home affairs, family affairs; unfavourable for movement, trips, property affairs Sunday 13th:   Favourable for home and family affairs, relationships, movement, trips.

These are global foresights from the general planetary alignments of the month of September. Planetary alignments of the personal data provides individualised foresights.