PERSONAL FORESIGHTS:  For those of us born under the constellation of Aries the focus this week features payments, investments;  Taurus focus for the week features fulfilment of contractual agreements, meetings;  Gemini focus for the week features work deadlines;  Cancer focus for the week features affairs of child, social affairs, creative project;  Leo focus for the week features home affairs, endings;  Virgo focus of the week highlights busyness in daily management;  Libra focus of the week features personal finances;  Scorpio focus on the week features status of property ownership, new direction;  Sagittarius features work endings, reflection;  Capricorn features investments, finances of the business, group affairs;  Aquarius features status of business direction, status of ownership;    Pisces highlights education and foreign affairs of business.

ELECTIVE FORESIGHTS:  Mercury Retrograde Phase highlights delays in work affairs, communications, agreements from October.  Activities of November see outcome in the week of December 2019.  Monday 4th inception of new direction for February 2020, favourable for meetings, negotiations,  favourable for daily routines, favourable for proposals  Tuesday 5th favourable for investment, gain through business finances  Wednesday 6th focus on financial security, planning for March 2020,  focus on property affairs, legal matters  Thursday 7th favourable for gain from contracts, riches, currency fluctuation, potential deception  Friday 8th busyness of daily affairs, favourable for social events  Saturday 9th busyness organising, favourable for home affairs, group activities, trips, delays, constraints  Sunday 10th busyness in daily affairs, disruption, financial wealth.

For your individual foresights and elections please request your own 2020 business time map.   Incisive time- prediction to control and direct your time for advantage.