dinastro foresights NOVEMBER 2019

NOVEMBER features:    Mercury retrograde phase from 31st October.  This means work affairs and agreement commitments of October are delayed and see outcome end of November 2019.   November is a time of increased busyness, due to unexpected requests.   

November 2019 features outcomes of new ventures of August 2019.   Business affairs of August 2019 see contractual outcome in November 2019.    November highlights material gain of business finances linked to speculations of May 2019.   Material gain of November is linked to foreign, legal affairs of June and property affairs of April.   Business daily affairs directed to endings of foreign matters, legal affairs and education.   Gain in foreign property linked to June 2019.    November 2019 sees the fulfilment of business appointments from May 2019.    November 2019 sees contractual agreements from business proposals of August 2019.   Work deadlines and employee recruitment of November 2019 is the outcome of contracts of October.   Contractual commitments and legal disputes of November 2019 see end-result in February 2020.   November 2019 highlights hidden investments and delayed payments from October.   November 2019 is favourable for gain linked to business investments, funding, agreements of October, ownership status of May.  November business client of November is linked to foreign affairs and employees see outcome February 2020.   November delayed holiday and recreation plans from October see outcome December 2019.   November features successful aspirations, favourable group activities, favourable finances from business engagements. 

Eventful days for action and commitment:  31st October 2019 Mercury retrograde phase;  2nd November unfavourable for material things,  4th November preparation for new direction of February 2020;   11th November endings of contracts of August;  19th November focus on contracts of November, delays;  28th November successful status of appointment and ownership of 2019, for end-result February 2020.  Full Moon 13th, New Moon 27th November. 

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS:  For Aries the month of November features affairs of child, legal outcome of October, investments;  Taurus November features fulfilment of contracts, cutting of ties of agreements of August, endings of work affairs of October,  property focus;  Gemini the month of November features busyness managing daily work affairs, contracts of employment status, personal finances from October;   Cancer the month of November features increase of personal finances, new direction from October;  Leo the month of November features inception of new direction of work affairs for February 2020, move, endings from October;   Virgo the month of November features business investment from October, work endings, hidden things;  Libra the month of November features client’s resources, client business proposal from October, status of position,  affairs of child, group affairs;  Scorpio November features change in status of ownership, foreign affairs from October;   Sagittarius the month of November features affairs of education, foreign affairs, legal matters, daily routines, settlements from October;  Capricorn November features investments, settlements, contractual agreements of October, the trip of October;   Aquarius November features move, trip, contractual agreements,  work deadlines of October;  Pisces the month of November features affairs of health, work deadlines, affairs of chid from October.  

November 2019 is the final month of this planetary year of 2019.  November features outcomes of October’s events, agreements of negotiations of October.  The new planetary year 2020 commences in December 2019.  For timeous response please request your 2020 TimeMap at your earliest convenience.

Planning is bringing the future into the present   – Alan Lakein