ELECTIVE FORESIGHTS The week marks the start of financial affairs, removals, contractual agreements and breaks of, for March.  Activities of the week is continuation of business affairs of December 2019.   Potential conflict of January materializes March.   Key dates of the week of 13th January are 16-17th.    Action of January week of 13th see result of conflict week of 1st April.   Sun with Ceres, Saturn and Pluto (not visible).  Focus on investments, business appointment, group meetings, wealth, gatherings.  Eventful week for mature women of authority.

MONDAY 13th   Business direction, status of business appointment, finances, movement, conflict, plans for March.   Moon with Regulus.  Sun, Saturn, Pluto conjunction:  finances, meetings, agreements and disputes, wealth, constraints, cold  TUESDAY 14-WEDNESDAY 15th  Work routines, deadlines, health regime     THURSDAY 16th   Meetings for finances, agreements and breaks of, dispute.  Outcome March-April.  Moon with Spica, Antares: conflict FRIDAY 17th  Continuation of affairs of December 2019.  17-19th: Unfavourable for material things.  Communications, plans, news are false. Moon with Mars.  Last quarter moon SATURDAY 18th   hidden decisions of direction.   Social events SUNDAY 19th  investments, funding, foreign affairs, hidden things. 

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS for those of us born with Midheaven, Natal Sun or Mutual Receptive Sun in the constellation of ARIES  work deadlines, health regime, home, family TAURUS  daily work management, affairs of children, social activities GEMINI   finances, possessions, home, family CANCER   new direction, daily affairs, property LEO  finances, possessions, endings, planning VIRGO  new direction, meetings, business funding, investments, child, property, social LIBRA  business direction, status of appointment, work ending, planning, social SCORPIO   meetings, foreign affairs, business finances, meetings, work targets, education, social affairs SAGITTARIUS   business direction, status of appointment, payments, investments, social  CAPRICORN   meetings, agreements, movement, trip, foreign affairs, education, work targets, social AQUARIUS  work deadlines, payments, investments, health regime, social PISCES   meetings, agreements, movement, trip, social, recreation, child.

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