The week marks the start of activities for February 2020.  Focus on shared finances, investments, payments.  Conflict. 

Activities of the week is a continuation of business affairs of December 2019.  

Business ending/deadline of January materializes March.   

Key dates of the week of 20th January are 25-26th.   

Action of January week of 20th see delays February with work ending in the week of 31st March.  

Moon with Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (not visible).  Focus on endings, hidden things, work constraints, financial restraints, delays.

MONDAY 20th   Disruption with work endings.  Unfavourable for men, conflict.  Moon with Mars, Antares in the East before dawn:  plans of conflict for March.  Hidden things.

TUESDAY 21st   Work targets, work affairs of December 2019.  Favourable for travel, foreign associations, legal matters, education.   Focus on outcomes of 2019 affairs.

WEDNESDAY 22nd   Moon with Jupiter, Rahu:  plans do not materialize.  Closure of affairs of 2019.  Dark Moon, favourable to conceal things.  Material things, plans, communications are faulty.

THURSDAY 23rd    Moon with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto:  consolidation of wealth, work endings, hidden plans for March.  Dark Moon. 

FRIDAY 24th   Favourable for women of authority and association with.  Dark Moon. 

SATURDAY 25th   New Moon:  plans of new ventures for February. Disruption of wealth.  Moon with Mercury after sunset in the West.  Focus on payments, investments, funding.    Favourable for social activities.

SUNDAY 26th  Busy with plans of finances for February.  Favourable for social recreation.  Movement, trip. 

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS for those of us born with Midheaven, Natal Sun or Mutual Receptive Sun in the constellation of:

ARIES  shared resources, investments, payments.  TAURUS   meetings, movement, trip, contracts. GEMINI   work deadlines, health routines.
CANCER  social recreation, affairs of child.
LEO   home and family affairs, property.
VIRGO  busyness in daily running affairs.
LIBRA  personal finances and possessions.
SCORPIO   new direction.  Selfhood activities.
SAGITTARIUS    Endings.  Reflection.
CAPRICORN    meetings, business funding.
AQUARIUS   business appointment, new direction.
PISCES   work targets, meetings, organizing.