ELECTIVE FORESIGHTS Projects of the week of January 6th see action week of 16th March. Work affairs of business finances, resources, business funding, government taxes. Financial gain for women of authority. Movement, commitments, relationships for women of authority. Ventures of force do not manifest, plans for April 2020. Week of 6th is the peak of January 2020.

MONDAY 6th January financial assessment, banking, fluctuation in value of money; banks, commerce, trade.  Breaks from recent arrangements.  Communications are true.   Favourable for business direction, group affairs, wealth, women of authority.  Focus on finances and contractual arrangements. TUESDAY 7 daily routines, work busyness, news, communications, planning, organizing.  Unfavourable for men, investments, finances of contracts, movement WEDNESDAY 8 work routines, communications.    Focus in business funding, group meetings, contractual agreements. THURSDAY 9 hidden things, endings. Favourable for movement.   Unfavourable for foreign affairs, investments.  Potential material loss.  Favourable for home and family affairs, wealth for woman of authority FRIDAY 10 Favourable for material gain.  Unfavourable for affairs of children, recreation, property value, business investments, work routines, business appointment, client meetings, group affairs, deadlines, foreign affairs.  Focus on property; land; mines; agriculture; women; travel; medical procedures.  Communications here are true.  Material things are worthy.   Action to projects of April for July.  Endings of contractual affairs of October 2019. Full Moon 10-16th:   Fruition of projects of New Moon of 26th December.  Outcome of contractual agreements of October.  Favourable for property matters.  Projects of January manifest April 2020.  Favourable for material gain, movement, trip, communications are true, property affairs, land, contracts, meetings, relations. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on January 10 2020 7pm signifying wars, exorbitant taxations, death to women, unfortunate for mothers and older women of authority, destructions, sorrows, common people opposing authority.  Earthquakes generally follow on the heels of eclipses.  Visible over Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia SATURDAY 11 Social events, value of property, routines, status change of position, ownership.  Wealth for women of authority.   A time favouring endings SUNDAY 12 favourable for social events, affairs of children, recreation, speculation, divination, planning new direction, investments.   Work targets for January-February.  Potential for loss of material.  

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS:  For those of us born with Midheaven, Natal Sun or Mutual Receptive Sun in the constellation of ARIES the focus this week features plans for direction of April TAURUS work endings, reflection, employee contracts GEMINI meetings, business funding CANCER status of business designation, ownership, move LEO foreign affairs, work ending, meetings, education VIRGO investment, payments LIBRA contracts, agreement, opposition, movement SCORPIO work routines, employees, health SAGITTARIUS property resources, recreation, child, social CAPRICORN property, house, family, ending AQUARIUS busy with daily management, work premises, relative PISCES finances, possessions.

Sagacious Prescription of Time