January-February 2020 marks the end of the year 2019. January-February 2020 manifests decisions of December 2019. January 2020 sees outcome of direction of October 2019. January’s plans manifest April 2020.

ELECTIVE FORESIGHTS: January highlights: home activities. Business appointment. Unexpected fluctuations in monetary value. Wealth. Women of authority linked to finances, material resources, work deadlines, health regime. Work affairs involves government resources, business funding. Hidden movement of force from December 2019 planning for action March-April 2020. Mortality.

KEY DATES: 10th Full Moon with Penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible in Asia, Africa, Europe Australia, signifying war, exorbitant taxation, death to women, destruction, sorrow. 17-21st Moon with Mars and Antares, favourable for conflict, moving armies. 22nd Moon with Jupiter and Moon Node, foreign affairs, hidden things, movement, conflict. 24th New Moon planning for action March-April. 25-28th Moon with Mercury and Venus, favourable for work routines, deadlines, employment, agreements, trips, recreation, accounts, finances, affairs of children.

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS:  For those of us born with Midheaven, Natal Sun or Mutual Receptive Sun in the constellation of ARIES the focus January features legal outcome, new direction, planning for April 2020 TAURUS focus on endings, employee contracts, reflection GEMINI meetings, business funding CANCER change in status of business designation, ownership, move LEO foreign affairs, work endings, meetings, education VIRGO investments, settlement, payments LIBRA contracts, agreements, opposition, movement SCORPIO work deadlines, employees, health SAGITTARIUS property resources, recreation, social, affairs of child CAPRICORN property, house, family, ending AQUARIUS busy with daily management, work premises, relative PISCES finances, possessions. Preparation for April.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of – Pascal

Sagacious Prescription of Time