MAY 2023
The planetary month of May commences April 20 2023.

Sun enters the constellation of Taurus April 20.
Look to your association April 21 to see your May 2023.

New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse April 20 2023.  The break of May. 
Full Moon Appulse Lunar Eclipse May 5 2023.  The decline of November.

Stellium Sun, Moon, Mercury Jupiter with Uranus in Taurus.
Venus enters Cancer rushing to meet Mars in June.
Mercury retrograde phase.
Pluto enters the constellation of Aquarius ending his cycle in Capricorn since 2009.   
Mars in the constellation of Cancer.   View west after sunset.

Moon in dignity with Sun, in dignity. 
Mercury retrograde. 
Inner Planets grouped in Personal Signs. 

May breaks, movement. Breakthrough, gains.
May focus on finance currency value.  Digital.
Breakthrough with technology. 
Breaks with employment contracts.
Breaks from constraints of February.  Sales.  Movement.
May expect delays.  Advancement June. 

May Key Days for Your Diary: 
April 20 engage for May.
April 27 plan direction of June.
May 5 closure of July.  Focus on property. 
May 12 movement.  Agreements from February.
May 18 advance from delays of April 21. 
May 21 the start of the month of June. 

May wisdom:  May expect breaks, movement.  Movement from constraints of February.   
The gains of May sees loss, closure November. 

Looking ahead June 2023 the investment of March 2023. 

These are global foresights.  Note there is a day overlap.

MAY 2023

The month of May 2023 for those of us born in

May revenue gains.  Break with payments from February.
Organise premises from April.  Focus on services.
Arrange business site, for July.
Work ending of April, recreation.  Finance focus, payments. 

May business engagement, new direction.  Commitment.
Movement, agreement from February.
Work ending from April.  Retreat, recreation.  Work ending for July. 

May business closure from February.  Focus on routines.
Revenue.  Agreement for July.  House from April. 
Revenue from March. 

May settlement.  Investment from February.
Work focus, business engagement for July.  Employee of April.
May work retreat, recreation. 

May movement.  Agreement.  Property from February.
Business closure, finance from April.  Foreign, recreation for July.
Arrange premises.  Ownership, property for June.

May work deadlines.  Focus on health regime.
Employee for services from February.
Payments from April.  Arrange premises, insurance for July.
Finance focus, work ending from April.  Appoint employee, establish schedules.

May finance focus from February.  Investment.  Relationship.
Movement, agreement from April,  Work retreat, movement for July.
Work focus, routines.  Finance focus, aid from others.

May focus on house.  Property ownership from February.
Work schedules from April.  Pricing for July.
Agreement, property arrangement for June. 

May routines.  Organise.  Work appointment from February.
Investment, property resources from April.  Change in place, investment for July.
May work retreat, recreation.  Investment seen July.

May finance focus.  Revenue from February.
Business closure, home of April.  Property focus for July.
Work focus.  Revenue for June.

May property appointment.  Ownership from February.
Work focus from April.  Payments, employee for April-July.
Movement, agreement.  Contract.

May work retreat.  Closure from February.
Movement, recreation of April.  Finance, agreement for July.
Payments.  Work change for July. 

You can foresee your personal events months in advance!  Predictions present long and short-term foresights for the year ahead to assist you with investment decisions. 

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