JUNE 2023
The planetary month of June commences May 20 2023.


Sun enters the constellation of Gemini May 20.
Look to your association May 21 to see your June 2023.

New Moon Gemini May 20 2023.  The engagement of June. 
Full Moon June 4 2023 in Sagittarius. 

Mercury direct motion, behind Sun.  The advancement of May’s delays.
Jupiter enters the constellation of Taurus.  The start of 2024.
Mars, Venus enters the constellation of Leo.  View with Moon 22nd overhead at sunset.
May 29 View Saturn Neptune Jupiter Mercury Uranus line up within 70˚ east before sunrise.
June 4 View Venus at greatest evening elongation, look west after sunset.
June 16 Mercury with New Moon. 
June 17 earliest sunrise of the year in N Hemisphere, latest sunrise of the year in S Hemisphere
June 21 Solstice.
June 25 latest sunset of the year in N Hemisphere, earliest sunset of the year in S Hemisphere

Venus approaching Mars in Leo.
Mercury direct motion, rulership.  

June ending of project of January-March. 
June investment for 2024. 
June gains from May.  Advance with documents from delay of May. 
June movement, finance, agreement outcome from March.  Gains of April. 

June Key Days for Your Diary: 
May 21  The start of June.  The project of January-April.  The investment of June.
May 25  Plan of action for June-August 2023.  Moon with Mars.
May 24  Finance appraisal for June.  Agreement for July.  Meetings.
May 27  Arrange premises.  Finance focus, payments, of July-September.  First Quarter Moon.
May 31  Finance from contracts.  Constraints with movement.  Ties to agreement for July-October.
June 1st   Closure.  Advance from delay of April 17. 
June 4   Focus on property.  Investment from May.  Agreement for July.  Full Moon. 
June 6  Investment of June.  Direction from January-April.  Outcome of May 24.
June 10  Meeting, look to agreement.  Movement from March.  Finance resources from April.  Third Quarter Moon.
June 12  Finance focus, payments from April 17.  Arrange premises for July-September.  Agreement from March. 
June 17  Engagement of June, from June 5, conclusion.  Social, recreation.
June 19-20  The engagement of July. 

June wisdom:   June conclusion of project of January-March 2023.  June 2023 investment for benefit 2024. 

Looking ahead July 2023 engagement from investment of May, April 25.  Movement, agreement from association of April 2023. 

These are global foresights. 
Note there is a day overlap.

JUNE 2023

The month of June 2023 for those of us born in

June work ending, retreat from project of January-April. Movement. Meetings. Agreement. Partner. 
June finance focus of June-August.  Decline of investment.  Recreation.
June ending of project of March.  Foreign.  Conclude engagement of April.  Property of July-October 2023. 
June payments.  Employment contract.  Business premises. 

June work focus, deadlines.  Pricing, revenue. – from January-April.  
June appointment of property of June-August.  
June payments, work ending of April.  Focus on work, services, employee July-October 2023..
June work of February, work ending of May. 

June business engagement.  Investment of January-April.  Property resources.
June work ending of June-August.  Work appointment November.
June agreement, contract, movement from March, payments, rental of April.  Finance focus of July-October 2023.
June engagement.  Commitment. 

June business closure.  Home.  Foreign property of January-April.
June finance focus of June-August.
June work premises, employee from March.   Agreement April, business premises July-October 2023.
June focus on revenue from contract.  Pricing.  Funding for property. 

June finance focus.  Rent.  Work premises, employee conclusion of January-April.  
June engagement, commitment of June-August.   Change with ownership. 
June investment, employee from March.  Work of April, ending July-October 2023.
June work ending, retreat.  A decline of routines. 

June movement.  Agreements.  Finance, resources.  – of January-April. 
June business closure.  Withdraw.  Focus on education.  – of June-August.  Ending November 2023. 
June contract from March.  Property investment of April.  Revenue, funding for July-October 2023. 
June property development.  Restore.  Finance of June linked to payments of April, finance of July-October.

June work focus.  Business premises.  Services, property appointment from January-April.  
June payments.  Aid from others, decline of revenue of June-August. 
June work change from March.  Agreement from April, business engagement for July-October 2023.
June finance focus for July-October.  Movement, operations, employment contract from March.  Business premises. 

June retreat.  Work ending.  Holiday.  Investment of January-April.  
June movement, trip.  Change in place.  New direction, commitment of June-August.
June finance focus with foreign from March.  Relations of July-October 2023.
June work ending.  A closure.  Retreat from routines. 

June revenue from contract.  Resources for property.  Funding from January-April.  
June work schedules of June-August, end November.
June premises from March.   Finance of April.  Payments, settlements of July-October 2023.
June contract agreement.  Finance focus, funding, pricing, revenue of July.  Resources for property, investment July.

June work focus.  Business engagement of January-April.
June resources for property.  Investment of June-August.  Settlement November 2023. 
June work ending, hidden things from March.  Business premises of April.  Employment contract, operations, movement of July-October 2023.
June investment of January-April 2023.  Engagement, resources for property.  New direction.

June finance with foreign of January-April.   Resources for property services, project of January-April.
June property focus, sale agreement of June-August.   Operations, contract of June-August, ending November.
June revenue, funding from March.  Work schedules, tenant of July-October 2023.
June work focus from ending of May.

June with premises, rental, payments of January-April.
June work focus of June-August.   Establish routines.
June engagement from March.  Revenue of April, investment of July-October 2023.
June movement.  Contract agreement.  Operations.  Payment of April.  Finance of July-October 2023.

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