Global planetary insights

Time flies over us and leaves its shadow behind  – Pythagoras

Cycles of planetary movement, predict the outcomes of our decisions.  Please note predictive definitions apply globally.   For individual relevant foresights request your annual road-map for the year.   Dates of events are dependent on individual data.

Before undertaking a Magical Act consult the Planets,  be satisfied that the Heavenly omens are favourable,  then call upon the God of the Hour to aid You in your Task   –  Indian wisdom


Continues his journey around the astrological wheel through the sign of Sagittarius 2019.  His energy highlights education, travel, commerce, law.  2019 Jupiter’s motion through the firmament with Ceres, highlights a time of movement and independence for older women of authority.

2019 April-August Jupiter retrograde highlights delays in fruition.  Thus:  projects of February feature in June and see outcome in October;  projects of March see outcome November.  Dates of events are dependent on individual data.


Planet of sudden breaks is in the sign of Taurus until April 2026.   Uranus energy highlights significant changes in the value of finances, investments and material resources.


Symbolising the reaping of harvest in response to action and hard work, Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn January 2018 till December 2020.  Saturn planet of effort and fruition features wealth accumulation in 2020 and loss of wealth in 2019 particularly April and July when conjunct Cadua Draconis.  Dates of manifestation are dependent on individual data.


slowest moving planet in our solar system.  His extremely elliptical orbit means he may take 19 years through a constellation.  In the average human lifetime Pluto will be experienced to go through only five to six signs.  Planet of acquisition, Pluto enters the constellation of corporate Capricorn in February 2008 until 2024.   Material loss features March-April, June 2019;  January,  March, July 2020…  Material gain highlighted in April-November 2020; January 2021…

For precise events request a definitive predictive personal road-map for 2019-2020!


Global Delay and Reorientation Periods
Three times a year, every year at different times, the planet Mercury goes retrograde. This term is used to describe the motion of when a planet appears to be moving backwards.   The meaning of this phenomenon is dependent on the planet involved.

During the following periods Mercury Retrograde indicates delays and breakdowns regarding daily affairs and activities.  Retrograde phase affects communications, work, car, phone, electricity, fax, computers, plans, meetings, appointments, decisions, traffic, travel, finances, agreements, and activities embraced on a daily basis.  Misunderstandings usually happen here,  contractual agreements do not materialise, traffic jams occur during this period, appointments are postponed or run late, deadlines are not met, decisions are not made, deliveries run into confusion, or are late to arrive, orders are misplaced or confused.  Unfortunate time to plan, sign, agree, travel, start anything new, fix (service car, hang picture on the wall), deal with the body (have an operation), plan, decide, and any news heard or decisions made will be changed again.  This is not the time to get frustrated as this energy is global. A good time to assess, evaluate, and review.  Use this time to make a list of plans and how you will implement your decisions.  A time of realisations.  Activities, events and decisions here are revisited once Mercury goes direct, the month after the retrograde phase.

March 2019 retrograde delays; resolve April

July 2019 retrograde delays; resolve August

November 2019 retrograde delays; resolve December

‘Deeper knowledge of heaven was first granted to earth by the gift of the gods.’ – Manilius, Astronomica 1, 25.


Events of Sun and Moon occur when they meet in conjunction New moon or opposition Full Moon.  Eclipses are Nature’s ways of sending specific messages of events to occur.  They can be beautiful and awesome to witness.  Eclipses occur in pairs:  a Solar Eclipse followed by a Lunar.  There are normally about three pairs that occur within a year.  The ‘effects’ of an eclipse are experienced in the place, country, hemisphere where the eclipse is seen from.

Note: Earthquakes generally follow close on the heels of eclipses.


There is an Total Solar Eclipse, where the Moon completely covers the solar disk, as seen from a shadow path on Earth’s surface on July 2 2019 7pm signifying weather disturbances, drying of water, prostitution, sedition and disease.  Visible over S America, Pacific.

There is a Partial Lunar Eclipse, where the Moon enters the umbra without being totally immersed in it on July 16 2019 9pm signifying murder of an illustrious man, conspiracies, robberies, war, death to a ruler.  Visible over Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, S America.

There is an Annular Solar Eclipse, where the Moon is too far from Earth for the apex of its shadow to reach Earth’s surface.  Thus Moon will not entirely hide Sun and a narrow ring of light will surround the dark New Moon on December 26 2019 5am signifying unhappiness to the great, revolution, mutiny, famine.  Visible over India, SE Asia, Australia