Fix your course to a star and you will navigate any storm  –  Leonardo da Vinci

dinastro ARTICLES unravel the elements that predict time’s affairs.



consist of Planets whose meaning of movement reveal time’s events and outcomes in individual realms of life.   Planetary energies in motion flow toward affinities that naturally manifest in our busy activities.   You attract that which you indulge.    Prediction defines Time within the particular framework of the Individual’s blueprint.   Predictive individual road-maps interpret the symbolism and communicate the future for essential savvy planning ahead.  Foresights grant the ability to choose in advance the difficult road of holes and traffic or the smoother, swifter route to the desired destination.  An understanding into the who, what, how, why and most important when is conferred.


Ruler of life, ruler of the day, the SUN is not a planet but a star!  His energy conveys our day-time activities, reveals what has previously remained hidden.  He discloses the future.   He proclaims the current vitality of the individual and defines the thing questioned about.  The Sun is intimate with the Moon:  analysis of their impact conveys our monthly activities.    The luminaries are the Lord of the Day and Queen of the Night.  They depict our daily and nightly activities.  Positioning the Sun in the chart shows our monthly activities, whilst the Moon defines our daily activities.    Moon is the Queen portraying life’s movements.  When studying their aspects we can predict future outcomes of current actions.


Everything exists within TIME.   Thus the first planet of consequence is…  Saturn, Lord of Time.

Prediction and Forecasting are concepts of time.  What is going to happen?  By the use of our own free will, we fulfill our life script as depicted in the firmament.   Prediction is merely looking into the book of perpetuity about life that exists now.   We can look at any time within that particular life-time.  We can view the inter-relatedness of our life’s activities as they exist in full completion whilst in motion.  The Wheel is always in motion,  as depicted by the Moon, Queen of Change.   Time is seen through the motion of planets every day, every hour.   Each individual person, entity, business, building, animal, vase, rock has a beginning in time which activates the rotating wheel of time expressed in life.

The significance of future foresights is the elective time they provide.   Most current systems in use today are devoid of the crucial element of time because they view the chart as a fixed picture of the heavens unable to provide the defining element of time for which planetary prediction is uniquely valued for.

Consult your personal road-map for incisive foresights….


The Wheel is divided in 12 Zodiac Signs with 12 Mundane Houses, 3 modalities, 4 elements and 7 spinning planets.  The 12 constellations in the Zodiac family define the ecliptic:  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.  The 4 elements refer to the four temperaments:   phlegmatic observer, introvert, detached;  melancholic thinker, idealist, perfectionist;  choleric extrovert, aggressive; challenging;  sanguine enthusiast, social, adventurous.  The 3 modalities refer to the cardinal leaders, fixed determined, mutable changeable.  The 7 planets in motion are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon.  The 12 Mundane Houses refer to the identity of the individual, the things they need to live and the expression of activities and associations in their environment.

Prediction uses the reticulate relationships of these elements to foresee the fluctuating effects and outcomes we attract.


When the stars begin to huddle the earth will soon become a puddle..  weather prediction


Foresights reveal what will cross our daily path.  Elective reveal how to manage the foresighted event for advantageous outcomes.   An annual preparation for daily directions, elective planning for successful conclusions.


Formed by the relationship of the Sun and Moon as they move through the skies in relation to the earth.  The luminaries are symbols of light, revealing truth, disclosing the hidden.   Sun conjunct Moon occurs every month during New Moon;  Sun opposing Moon occurs every month during Full Moon.  When the Moon nodes are involved Eclipses occur.  Eclipses veil the truth.  The manifestation of the energy of an eclipse occurs in planetary aspects to the Natal Horoscope.

Planets are Gods who light our immediate weekly, daily, hourly paths and extended annually, monthly, cycles of life.  Timing through planetary motion…

Anticipation of future outcomes influence every decision made.  Forward business forecasting is essential to influence future target acquisition whilst averting uncertainty.  Prediction provides calculated timed clarity on future events.  Use forward foresights as an accurate tool to predict, identify, manage and influence the direction of future time.

Predictive foresights are directed toward manipulating business direction, decisions, plans and outcomes of action.  Essential Business Road Map analysis for planning and defining daily direction.  Calculated planetary cycles present Choice of action for prosperous advancement.

Prediction of future events is enabled through planetary cycles in their unfailing revolutions through space.  Annual cycles are interpreted from the grand outer planetary cycles.  Monthly cycles of the closer planetary cycles depict the monthly direction of time.  There is a time and a place for everything here below as directed from the action in the heavens above.  The 28 day Moon cycle depicts the daily activities coloured by the various communications formed by the planets in motion.   Full Moon indicates the fulfillment of efforts of the month.  The Sun travels in a straight line, moving a degree a day, never retrograde, always true.  The Moon travels swiftly corresponding our busy individual lives, she mirrors our thoughts, intentions and activities, exposing them through her interpretation of time.

The direct motion of the luminaries encourage prediction of future action, events and outcomes.  They light the road ahead.  Foreknowledge enables control of direction.

The machinery of the heavens is like a clock,  in it almost all the variety of motions is from one very simple magnetic force acting on bodies,  as in the clock all motions are from a very simple weight.

— Johannes Kepler

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of PREDICTION

Why do we predict?  When do we predict?  How do we predict?  What do we predict?  Who is predicting?

The art of prediction is a necessary skill developed over time to avoid adversity and approach advantage.  To predict means to know in advance an event or outcome.  Prediction has been practiced since the beginning of mankind to protect and support life.  Foreknowledge of future events helped with preparations of security to encourage endurance for longevity.  We predict all the time, good driving is adept predicting what the cars around you are going to do;  predicting if the weather will hold to hang the clothes out to dry;  foreseeing the larder emptying;  planning for the next two days or the next two years;  predicting the outcome of your meeting.  Skilled prediction enables you to plan the action required and to apply the action at the appropriate time;   prediction enables timeous proaction and reaction to secure your immediate and long-term needs.   A necessary integrant, foreknowledge gives advantage in direction decisions.

Three things cannot long remain hidden:  Sun, Moon, Truth   – Buddha


Prognosis stems from the Greek word of pro– before meaning in advance, and gnosis- meaning to know.

Prediction from observed planetary motion has been recorded to be have been used by mankind since antiquity.   The ability to prognosticate accurately became essential in the quest for mankind’s survival and advancement.

Foresights vary in predicting an event, the time of the event and the outcome of the event in future time.     Prognosis of time is derived from the projected position of the movement of the planets, spun forward in cycles of time.

The aim in presenting foresights is to assist with preknowledge of the time of outcome of a particular action.

This is valuable because it enables the timing of a future action with the advantage of foreseeing the result and the time of outcome beforehand.

The dinastro TimeMap is based on mathematical formulae, calculated for each individual entity.   TimeMap projections are procured from the meaning of planetary movement manifesting in future time.  It is a planetary journal of timed actions and outcomes.

TimeMaps reflect time of concepts concerning property,  finance,  health,  recreational activities,  work affairs,  employees,  legal affairs,  equipment,  business products,  sales,  client proposals,  payments,  investments,  the securing of contracts.    Foresights benefit plans by indicating delay in time deadlines, constraint in finance, gain of finance, outcome of proposals, disruptions that result in loss.

–   Predictions reveal cycles within cycles.

–   Cycles are annual, monthly, daily.

Global foresights are calculated with the monthly planetary cycles.   Global provide a view to the prevailing world activities, the platform of operation of those with whom you associate with.  Assessible energy of everyone.

Predictive Foresights unfold the cycles of daily life to help influence the flow of activities to your personal benefit.

dinastro has a keen interest in presenting foresights for business advancement.

The day of a thing’s beginning holds the qualities of that moment of time of its beginning.

The desire for something increases the probability of its occurrence.



The study of the phenomena of time shows time moves in cycles.
Cycles are depicted by the motion of planets.
Your TimeMap charts the planetary movement around you in the present time.
Seen from the earth’s perspective,   planets move around the earth,  forming geometrical aspects with each other.
The aspects they cast from their positions present the event.
This defines the principle of Time.

Time is read by the motion of your personal planets.
Planets depict your business and personal affairs.
The unique placement of each planet forms a pattern.
This pattern is interpreted with the use of keys.
Application of the keys gives the activity within the framework of Time.
The success of the prediction ahead of time is seen by how well the rules are applied.

We can liken the wheel to a puzzle that moves and this is what presents the challenge of linking the event to a time.

The foresights are taken from the position of the fifteen fixed elements on your Natal wheel.  The elements consist of:

– the two lights Sun and Moon
– the planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn and outer
– the moon nodes
– the two planetoids Pallas and Juno
– the eclipses and phases of the Moon
– the position of the fixed stars where applicable
– the angles
The position of these elements constitute the fixed wheel of your Nativity.

Advanced forward in time these elements reflect current and future events.
We refer to their motion, advanced forward in time, as being progressed or directed forward.

Measuring the effects of Time, we look at planetary placement and the aspect interactions formed by the various elements comprising the map.
Thus the path of planetary motion act as the clock-hands,  indicating events triggered by their annual, monthly, weekly and daily movement.

Each element has its own distinct definition according to its path of motion.
Each element signifies different aspects in life,  such as the notorious element of disruption, signified by Mars.
The rules apply to all wheels drawn for each span of time.
They give a depth of clarity to the meaning of each wheel which would be overlooked without further calculations.

dinastro e-foresights are calculated around two templates.
One predicts your business affairs of work, finance, contracts, client, investment.
The other template predicts your personal affairs of property, partner, family, finance.
The maps relate outcomes of your business and personal activities in future time.

Activities are chronicled in the present time with predictions of the outcome in future time.
Directions showing future time are divided into the annual year, the month, the week and day.

Of most interest is the calculation which enables the revelation of the outcome in future time from the question of a day past.
This skill has been recently developed.

Each prediction is analysed according to your particular personal individual data.
This approach makes future foresights unique to each individual.

In these times of uncertainty knowledge of future time has a distinct advantage.
Choose the monthly TimeMap for crisp predictions of your personal affairs weeks ahead.

Dina Carvalho May 2020


dinastro TIME MAP

The map is a timed forecast of your activities in the year.
Directed forward foresights reveal outcomes of present actions in future time.

Below is a list of the components of the TimeMap.

Definition of the month’s events.
Prediction of outcome of the month’s activities, in future time.
Business foresights
Personal foresights
Global foresights

Weekly foresights depict outcome of daily activities,   months ahead.
Business foresights
Personal foresights
Global foresights
Weekly foresights are of value because they divulge what time in the week the activity that is shown in the month manifests.

Timed foresights for each day reflect your personal and business affairs  and global events.
Daily forecast of the personal events of the day.
They are of benefit because they indicate the activity in the particular day and defines its outcome in future time.

Daily foresights are projected forward in time to give future outcomes in the elective foresights. Timed prediction of the outcome of the personal events of the day, in future time.
Business foresights
Personal foresights
Partner foresights
Child foresights

dinastro TimeMap.  Timed predictions for personal advantage

dinastro HORARY

In these times of uncertainty knowledge of your future time has a distinct advantage.

Horary is of special merit when you require a prompt, relevant answer to your pressing question of time. 

Horary answers your question of ‘when?’
Precise, focused timed prognosis to your urgent question of business.

Horary, a compelling choice for swift, effective foresights of time. your question with a brief history.

Prediction of future events for personal advantage. 

Sagacious Prescription of Time