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Predictive Foresights are through personal consultation at the practice and online.

Courses and Tuition are presented via email, online or in group classes at an organised venue.

Astrology makes conversation between Heaven and Earth audible’



Precise, relevant, in-depth personal foresights predict time’s events.

Planetary Progressions and Directions define personal time in the annual prognosis through a monthly, daily detailed analysis.  All personal calculations are manually determined.  Old English Tarot, Nordic Runes, Hellenic Deities, Astro-Mansions, Tibetan Mo, Chinese I-Ching are employed to complement the monthly astrological insights.

Auguries give the ability to direct and influence the course of events, to plan ahead and see future outcomes of present decisions through advantageous command of time.  This predictive road-map is mostly employed by professionals of business seeking auspicious timing to implement decisions.

Disciplined foresights for the prepared.


Encompass Runes into your life and space.  Ingenious Tuition to self-direct through the ancient relevant systems of Nordic Runes.

Empowering six-week Divination Course for individuals seeking future daily guidance through Runes for personal decisions in a fast-changing world…

A wise man’s question contains half the answer   – Solomon Ibn Gabirol


Astrological Elective Dates for Significant Events

Referred to as ephemeral elections from the Hellenic word katarche (καταρχή), the astrology of beginnings.   Electional Astrology proactively selects a specific planetary alignment at a certain time in the future that will be the most auspicious for the particular venture planned.   Employed when deciding on important dates such as buying a car, the start of a business, marriage, hire an employee, embarking on a trip, commencing building, purchasing of property, planning a strategic meeting, having an operation.

Dates for propitious future outcomes for important undertakings.  Wisdom before investing.




dinastro potent Astrology Tuition KEYS.   Effective six-week Predictive Course unlocking keys of astrological elements for the individual use.  No calculations, no computers.  Immediate application of knowledge for daily ephemeral personal foresights.  Direct application of astrological elements to the individual natal chart for purposeful personal predictive ability.  Simple solutions to influence daily events for those with little time.

dinastro fun Astrology Tuition GEARS.  Effective six-week Predictive Course introducing the subject of Astrology through elements of prediction.  Easy predictive tuition to self-direct  without the use of the Planetary Ephemeris.   Fun use of predictive elements for daily insights.  Uncomplicated play.

Lectures and Talks on the subjects of Astrology, Divination, Runes, Planets, Prediction, Mythology and Time are given on request to a wide variety of keen audiences at different venues and online.



Horary Answers to Individual Questions

From the Hellenic word ‘horae’ meaning hour.  A chart is calculated and drawn at the time of the question giving authoritative judgement and forecast future developments on questions of:  what is the outcome of the litigation?  when will the property be sold?  where is the dog?  should I invest?  will the client agree?  when is payment?  will I conceive?  will I profit by purchasing this property?  should I employ?

Precise, accurate, focused answers to the wide variety of questions on specific topics of our lives.

Ask the question….


dinastro TOPOI


Topoi from the Hellenic word ‘topos’ meaning place links practical future foresights with the private home or business living space.   Topoi defines how your living space impacts specific realms of your life.  Topoi effectively serves to improve your life by manipulating elements in your environment to achieve desired results in chosen areas of your life.  Topoi forecast analysis is invaluable for business and home-owners, designers, tenants and those who seek to consciously create beneficial changes into their lives.  Topoi removes hindrances and enhances areas such as relationships, fertility, finances, business and credit.

Topoi Spacial Plan Definition and Activation is employed by those wishing to renovate, move, purchase, design their personal home and office space and those who actively seek to improve and re-orientate unwholesome areas of their lives.

Topoi analysis requires floor plans.

You can not achieve an aim unless you have a method   – W. Edwards Deming, Statistician

Time is of the essence, once passed never to be retrieved.  Adopt effective prediction into decision-making processes and integrate it into business operations for advancement of ventures and events and to enable astute problem solving, solution development, efficient functioning, risk reduction.

Predictive consulting services are communicated online, via email, skype and face-to-face.

All foresights, assessments, information and communications will always be treated as confidential.   All information is treated with the strictest of confidence and shall never be shared with anyone at any time.