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All Science is necessarily prophetic,  so truly so,  that the power of prophecy is the test,  the infallible criterion, by which any presumed Science is ascertained to be actually & verily science.        —  Samuel Taylor Coleridge

dinastro prognostics

dinastro writes predictive foresights calculated from planetary movement.
Predictions reveal timed business outcomes from daily actions.
The TIME MAP delineates propitious timing of individual business affairs.
An indispensable tool for business advancement.

dinastro TIMEMAP
A map of Time for business advancement.
ANNUAL prediction for the year.
MONTHLY prediction for each month from January for six months.
WEEKLY prediction for each week for three months with notable days.

mail@dinastro.com for your dated annual and monthly business foresights

Business predictions are primarily in use by individual business owners, proprietors, managing directors, chief executive and financial officers of private companies.  Timeous foresights of business are presented in annual, monthly, weekly and daily elective analysis, calculated from the planetary positions of the individual birth data.

The ANNUAL PREDICTIVE PERSONAL TIME MAP delineates propitious timing of individual personal affairs.  The predictive map provides long- and short-term  timed forecasts of your personal direction, of your personal finances, your work, members of your family, your relationships, your career, investments, education, moves, house.   Annual, monthly, weekly and daily elective foresights give you future prognosis of your personal time events and people. Personal foresights are often requested in combination with the Business predictive map.    A powerful management tool of your personal affairs.  Your personal foresights are emailed followed by an hour conversation.

dinastro ELECTIVE

PREDICTIVE ELECTIONS  for planning days of advantageous outcomes.   Elective refers to selecting the most favourable day for a particular action, to direct ventures, commitments and events.  Predictive elections interpret your individual time to enable sound judgement in planning and to harness business objectives.  The use of elections is indispensible when you are planning for the success of future events.  Of particular value when electing a day to marry, sign contract, launch a venture, commit to a purchase.   Elective predictions are calculated from the planetary positions of the birth data.

dinastro HORARY

PREDICTIVE HORARY gives percipience of future direction calculated for the moment at which the question is being asked.  This is the most suitable tool for questions which require a quick, simple, pertinent answer.   Horary is of special merit when you require relevant, prompt answers to a matter of immediate concern.  A compelling choice when you need a swift, effective answer.   Horary predictions are calculated from the planetary positions of the time of the urgent question.

dinastro TOPOI

TOPOI PREDICTIVE SPACIAL organising to enhance, change and manipulate your individual personal and business outcomes.    A unique tool of influence,  Topoi is applied in your exclusive living spaces to command control over your personal realms of activity of relationships, business,  finances,  gain,  loss,  property,  family,  work productivity,  health,  revenue,  investments,  education,  contracts,  employment,  creativity.    Topoi is a solution to stimulate stagnant spheres into new action and improve areas of conflict.    Topoi works with the floor plan of living spaces.

dinastro EDUCATION

Expeditious tuition enable self direction through practical application of prediction.  The value of the courses features practical application, there is no merit system for learning, thus no certificates are issued.  The knowledge is workable in daily affairs and encourages prediction for fruitful output.

KEYS PREDICTION  crisp instruction for daily business prediction, effective to plan and foresee individual ephemeral business outcomes with a smart phone to access planetary tables.   Six weeks of accelerated learning.

GEARS PREDICTION  foresight of events with Planetary elements.   No calculations, no tables.   Daily personal guidance with a simple technique.   Six weeks insights.

SPACIAL TOPOI, with the Topoi manual which illustrates how to define your personal space and link it with your activities.  Topoi consciously influences change and directs beneficial outcomes into your personal life.   Create positive change in your life by manipulating your live-in-space.  Six weeks enlightenment.

ART IN THE WHEEL,  THE WHEEL IN MOTION are introductory courses into the art of prediction with planets.   In-depth learning of calculations of natal data, learning the symbolism of celestial elements and practical application.   Six months erudition.

ELECTIONAL PREDICTION instruction on how to choose a propitious day for the event or action planned.   Electional keys to answer personal questions of when…  ‘what day should I choose to travel next week for a beneficial business outcome;  what day this week should I commit to signing for a prosperous agreement;   what day next month should the property be listed for swift results;   what is the best day next year for the wedding to take place;   what day this week should the meeting be set for agreement;  what day next week is best to commence building a structure;  what day next week promotes favourable client response to my proposal,  will the currency be strong next month.    Twelve weeks comprehensive learning.    Electional is practical application of prediction offered after the successful completion of the Art in the Wheel Course.

Predictive foresights, courses and tuition are presented in one-on-one private consultation online via email, skype and in group classes at set venues.  Please mail@dinastro.com for further details.

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Time flies swiftly past.   To win time apply Method    – Goethe

Services offered

–  the machinery of the heavens is like a clock, in it almost all the variety of motions is from one very simple magnetic force acting on bodies, as in the clock all motions are from a very simple weight –      Johannes Kepler

Time is of the essence, once passed never to be retrieved.   Integrate prediction in your daily affairs  when designing the future,  for efficacious business planning,  to advance ventures, to benefit events,  to enable astute problem solving,  to develop solutions,  to enhance time efficiency,  for timeous action,  to promote outcomes of profit and reduce risk. 


dinastro Predictive Services are communicated one-on-one online, via email, skype and in groups.   Individual knowledge of future trends is through predictive TimeMaps and tuition and can be practically applied for self-advantage.   Foresights are unique to each individual consultation.   Mathematical calculations are performed manually, the individual foresights are  not computer generated, although a computer is used to type and email the foresights.   Once the foresights have been emailed, an online meeting is recommended to serve as an introduction and to give clarity.   All fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.   Payment is accepted by bank transfer or PayPal.   Future prediction has been my fervent pursuit for almost 40 years.   I am effective at what I do, but not irrefutable.  What you are paying for is my time, my knowledge and my years of experience in prognostics.   Please note that the decisions you make after a consultation are exclusively your own.  When requesting a predictive analysis please include the day, month, year, time, place of your birth and a brief explanation of what you are looking for.   I shall reply within twenty four hours.

All foresights, assessments, information and communications are always treated as strictly confidential and are not shared with anyone at any time.

As a single individual engaged for the benefit of many, please allow 24 hours response time, although I try my best to respond earlier.   Thank you for your interest.