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dinastro TUITION

  Time is Divine Order   – Hermes Trismegistos


The predictive course of study currently on offer serve the accomplished student and the new seeker to the art of prognostics.

Live education through practical application of the theory.
Tuition is offered in personal one-on-one classes, online

The purpose of the course of study is to show you as clearly as possible the essential workings of your personal TimeMap and how to use it to plan your business affairs to your advantage.

The object of studying the concept of Time is to point out how planetary movement reflects the timing of life on earth.

This helps facilitate understanding of the meaning of the motion of Time for each individual and how to best utilize its laws to preserve our affairs on Earth.


Time marks the boundaries of our existence.

Time illustrates development.

Time is composed of revolving cycles.

Time cycles are defined by the celestial phenomena as we travel around our Sun.

Planets spin on their axes and revolve with their Moons around the Sun.

Forecast is the process of making predictions of the future based on past and present data.

We explore the art of prediction using the motion of the planets around our world.

Planets act as indicators of action signaling times of movement and events.

The elements in the heavens provide us with precise timing of events in our individual life.

This means that your chart is unique to yourself and shows the timing of your engagements,  relationships, actions and events.

Using the map we can forecast the timing of our personal life events, and our business affairs.

My course of Time is uniquely presented for the individual.

Presentations and Talks on the subjects of Prediction, Divination, Runes, Planets, Astro-sophy, Mythology and Time are given on request to keen audiences at different venues and online.

Compelling instruction for sagacious judgement!

Those who know, do, those who understand, teach  –  Aristotle

This science teaches and treats the connection between man, the earth and the stars   – Paracelsus:  Hermetic Astronomy


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What you seek is seeking you  – Rumi


The essence of dinastro predictive tuition is instruction for practical application.
The approach I use makes the technique of prognosis simple.
Knowledge is built from understanding the basic principles and enhanced by daily implementation.

Predictive learning begins with mastery of the ancient lore of the planets.
This study method encourages experiential use whereby you forecast for your own personal advantage through the prescription of personal time.

The online platform is ideal for learning.  It makes it easier to contribute, stimulates interaction and allows for contemplation of the topic.
We connect weekly for an hour for the new subject matter.
Throughout the course, I am readily available to guide and support.

Course material is designed to develop your proficiency in prediction by inspiring and challenging you.
All calculations, formulae and methodology employed in the predictive TimeMaps are manually performed.

Tuition and workshops are for those who are interested in precise prediction that they can effectively employ for their own business aims.

Please note this is not a merit system of learning, there are no certificates issued.
Your ability to use the knowledge for your own personal advantage is the criteria indicative of success and shows the course has served its purpose.
Instruction is practically applied for the advancement of your own business.

Please consider the enormous care taken to present the information in a practical framework to achieve perspicacity.
Many years of experience renders the skilled knowledge of the courses and services offered.

Tuition is disseminated in person, privately, online.
Lecture notes, book reading and course material is intended to facilitate your own learning and provide the basis for the structure which your practice will develop with time.
Throughout your learning period I am in attendance.
All course material is strictly copyright ©dinastro.

All courses are personally written and disseminated by Dina Carvalho.  

Presentations and talks on prognostic subjects of Prediction, Divination, Runes, Planets, Astrosophy, Mythology and Time are given on request.  Please mail@dinastro.com to enquire

Predictive practitioner and Instructor:  Dina Carvalho

Founder and Principal dinastro, founded in 1996.

Creator and author of:  The Manual Of Planetary Prediction;   Electional Prediction;   Keys;   Topoi  – Spacial Prediction;   Gods in Action.

Practitioner of Predictive Planetary Analysis,  English Tarot,  Nordic Rune,  Hellenic Deities,  Mansions, Tibetan Mo and Chinese I-Ching.

Specialising in private prognostication since 1995.


The Online Store is disabled.  Contact me direct with any request you may have for my services.  mail@dinastro.com