Timing is everything


to plan effectively, you require the ability of seeing into the future


Predictive analytics is a revolutionary business-changer, granting us, users,  in-depth, real-time foresights of future outcomes.   dinastro treats the art of prediction from the motion of stellar objects.   Individual predictions prescribe timed foresights for the benefit of your personal and business affairs.   dinastro was borne in 1996 to analyse personal direction and predict time events.   The future time of events is derived from your unique planetary cyclic formulae.  My practice of manual calculations and erection of individual TimeMaps persists twenty years later.

Revealing future outcomes of personal affairs, the Personal TimeMap has been in use for many years, by those who have knowledge of it.   The analysis provides future insights into career, finances, relationships and family affairs.   In answer to the numerous requests from clients seeking to add to their personal future insights, I later developed the Business TimeMap:   a unique predictive TimeMap providing you with your own distinct future insights of business finances, proposals, contractual agreements, employees, leases, investments.    The future-dated analysis determines propitious dates with annual, monthly, weekly, daily foresights to your business questions.  The TimeMap of Business projections allows you to benefit business outcomes.

Later when I sought to direct beneficial solutions into my own personal career, Topoi was developed.   Topoi is a SpacialMap of your living and working space which enables you to advance elements in your business and personal life.   This system is in demand because it gives the ability to foresee, direct and control the changes in personal and business by manipulating the living space.   Topoi was inceptionalised in 2003.

Currently dinastro fulfills the expressed demand for business planning for timeous advantage.

Business and Personal Predictive Services and Tuition are rendered online with each individual analysis manually calculated, drawn, interpreted and typed.. 

Successfully engaged since 1996, dinastro serves an exclusive niche market of corporate clients, high-net worth individuals and families from various parts of South Africa, UK, Cyprus, Australia, USA, Middle East, Europe.

Predictive time management services for prosperous business and investment choices.

dinastro publicizes relevant global, personal and business predictions through monthly news, weekly and daily blog posts and articles.

Choice, not chance, determines your destiny  ― Aristotle

T/Dr Dina Carvalho  CND NHDA ND

‘This science teaches and treats.. the connection between man, the earth, and the stars’  – Paracelsus: Hermetic Astronomy


Planet from the Greek word ‘planetes’ meaning wanderer,  giving rise to astrologia, Latin astronomy, the science of the heavenly bodies and Greek the study of the law of the stars, a reference to the calculation and foretelling of the movement of heavenly bodies.

dinastro analysis for astute prediction of time’s events.

T/Dr Dina Carvalho creator and author of   The Manual of Planetary Prediction,   Gods in Action,  Predictive Keys,   Topoi.

Predictive Foresights, Topoi and Courses are offered via private, personal consultations, online and in group settings.