there is nothing below that is not ruled by that which is above


dinastro predictive analytics is a revolutionary game-changer, granting users in-depth, real-time relevant foresights that reveal the future.   Masterful predictive analyses expertly forecast futuredated events and outcomes from present decisions essential for business advancement.   Predictive analytics define annual trends,  identify areas of strength and weakness,  profitability and loss,  growth and blockages,  optimize marketing campaigns,  detect and redirect loss,  all paramount for business profitability.  The dated predictive road-map effectively generates projections, assesses future direction and accurately determines long- and short-term future outcomes, helping to inform, guide the decision process, spear-head operations with actionable dated strategies, and successfully advance proposals to clients.

dinastro skilled predictions interpret wizard mathematical formulae of planetary symbolism into dated events and directions within the framework of time.   Decisions are determined on the knowledge of future outcomes from current chosen directions.

Long-term annual, biennium and lustrum forecasts and short-term monthly, weekly, daily forecasts determine future outcomes,  improve business and financial decisions, make projections, assess business direction, manipulate proposal response.  The predictive road map is a proactive approach for creating, controlling and directing profitable business performance and managing the later reaction.

The Natal road-map is employed to define business direction and trends.

The Progressive road-map reliably forecasts future events with dated precision.

Prediction benefits include:  predictive ability into the endless array of business activities,  dated future events and outcomes,  annual trend analysis,  timed resource allocation,  funding and investment,  gain and loss forecasts,  the best day to launch a marketing campaign,  foresights on future development of partnerships for successful outcomes,  insights into legal contests,   WHEN to hire employees,  buy,  travel,  sell,  advertise,  move, replenish stock,    purchase and sell property,  sign contractual agreements,  execute decisions,  arrange meetings,  sales,  define constraints,  direct financial proposals,  evade impediments,   providing insights into:  foreign associations and transactions,  client base,  marketing and distribution,  government dealings,  dates and areas of affliction leading to losspayments,  advisors,  deception,  dates and areas of constraints and expansion, overconfidence, disruption, hindrances, wealth, harvest of investments,  enhances decision-making,  optimise business goals,  improve business processes,  advance management direction,  act at most opportune time.   Forecasts can be used to view and direct outcomes by a wide range of industries including retail, communications, manufacturing, property, mechanical, construction, financial, legal, health.

Predictive analytics gives business a decisive advantage in achieving efficient, profitable operations.  The road-map is a form of business intelligence.  Strategic business savvy, fueling significant growth through astute timely decisions.

Initially dinastro provided character insights for individuals from Natal planetary data, dinastro evolved to fulfilling requests for pertinent annual individual predictions.

Currently dinastro fulfills the expressed demand for predictive intelligence for timeous advantageous business planning.  Comprehensive road-maps determine propitious dates to influence end-results.  Prescribed use of time is presented in an annual, monthly, weekly, daily analysis of future foresights.   Constructive divination tools:  Hellenic Deities, Astrological Mansions, Chinese Hexagrams, Tibetan Mo, Taoist Lao Tzu, Western Tarot, Nordic Runes provide further clarity and augment planetary foresights.

Successfully engaged since 1995, dinastro serves an exclusive niche market of corporate clients, high-net worth individuals and families from various parts of South Africa, UK, Cyprus, Australia, USA, Middle East, Europe.  Business advisory services are fulfilled through email and private one-on-one consultation, effectively catering to advance the individual professional pursuits.  Expert predictive personal innovative time management services for prosperous business and investment choices.

dinastro publicizes relevant global predictions through monthly news and weekly and daily blog posts and articles.  Individual personalized services through private email, skype, whatsapp and practice premises.

Choice, not chance, determines your destiny  ― Aristotle

T/Dr Dina Carvalho  CND NHDA ND

‘This science teaches and treats.. the connection between man, the earth, and the stars’  – Paracelsus: Hermetic Astronomy


Astrology from the Greek word ‘astro-logeia’ meaning the word, or law of the stars.

dinastro relevant predictive analysis expertly employs Traditional Astrology, old English Tarot, Nordic Runes, Mansions, Hellenic Deites, Tibetan Mo, Chinese I-Ching, Topoi.

T/Dr Dina Carvalho creator and author of   The Manual of Astrology,   Gods in Action,  Astrological Keys,   Topoi.

Predictive Foresights, Topoi and Courses are offered via private, personal consultations, online and in group settings.