–   To plan effectively, you require the ability of seeing into the future

ABOUT dinastro

I’m Dina Carvalho predictive astrologer for hire.

I write timed predictions to help individuals time their daily business actions, to improve the outcome of their decisions and achieve optimal returns.

I am also a specialist in long-term timed foresights and can help you foresee future outcomes of your investments.

My predictions are accurate and workable which is why in 27 years later they are still in demand.

Email me at   mail@dinastro.com
Choice, not chance, determines your destiny  ― Aristotle
T/Dr Dina Carvalho  CND NHDA ND

Order is Heaven’s First Law  – Alexander Pope


Planet:   from the Greek word ‘planetes’ meaning wanderer.

dinastro prediction of business events in real time.

Dina Carvalho creator and author of:
dinastro.com,  dinastroTimeMap,  The Manual of Planetary Prediction,   Gods in Action,  Keys of Prediction,   Clepsydra Timekeeper,  Topoi.

Predictive Foresights, Topoi and Courses are offered online via private, personal one-to-one consultations and tuition.  All information is private and remains reserved.

All writing is exclusively my own work.  Copyright applies.   Please request my permission should you wish to use any of my writings here or elsewhere in any way or form at any time.

dinastro ascribes to the axiom
‘There is nothing here below that is not ruled by that which is above’    – Hermes Trismegistos