Timing is everything


–   To plan effectively, you require the ability of seeing into the future

ABOUT dinastro

dinastro is my practice conveying timed predictions for individuals in business for the advancement of their investments.
I am Dina Carvalho owner, director and writer of www.dinastro.com
I write dated time analysis for finance for leaders in business.
I created the TimeMap™ to help clients plan their days with the foreknowledge of future outcomes ahead of time.
Propitious timing meaning knowing when to act.
Right timing promotes preservation by avoiding loss through ill-timed actions and secure the desired end- result.
The strength of the TimeMap lies in its ability to show the interlinking cycles of time.
This means that an action today has consequences in a future day.
This is what is called TimeLinks.
The TimeMap shows these timelinks as outcomes of current action in future time – in real time.
This is of importance for achieving fruitful business relationships, and prosperous business investments.
Most of my time is spent working with numbers.
I predict future time events to help individual leaders advance their business and direct gains in their investments.
I serve heads of business with future foresights to support their time management strategy with choices that yield benefit.
I teach time tactics.
The cycles of planetary movement are time indicators of events.
They are used to show timed outcomes from current action.
This determines choice.
Time strategy enables the user to foresee auspicious cycles ahead of time so as to choose  action at the appropriate time in accordance with what he seeks to achieve.
Time strategy also enables the user to foresee adverse cycles ahead of time so as to elect when to avert action of risk that will result in detrimental outcomes .
Analysis of time cycles range from two years past to current day to four years ahead.
While I specialise in time predictions for business leaders I also forecast personal foresights for their private affairs.
In addition I answer specific questions on the timing of outcomes of particular ventures through forecasts of time.
And I also provide living space solutions using TopoiTM
Knowledge of future time is vital for a winning business strategy.
Action with opportune timing is crucial to investment success.
Even if you are uncertain about what you need, I know how to help you because I answer timed questions every day.
Let us find out what you need together.
Email me your question on what you seek a solution to on   mail@dinastro.com


My name is Dina Carvalho.
I am the creator and director of dinastro conceived in 1996 dina-astro-scopy.
I am a master of predictive analysis used by leaders to benefit their business investments.
I write dated personal time maps for individuals in business, mostly private business owners.   And for individuals who fulfill key executive positions in their businesses.    Most of my existing clients are in the fields of finance, law, services, marketing, construction, property.
My days are spent analysing the planetary ephemeris, drawing wheels, plotting planets, calculating cycles of degrees and deciphering the map into event and time.
I calculate, draw and interpret the global chart for every single day in the year.
I calculate, draw and interpret the individual chart of each client for every day every year.
During my practice of the last 26 years, I have calculated, drawn and interpreted tens of thousands of charts.   All hand drawn.  And each one unique.
Here are some other things you may want to know about me:
I was born in Athens, Greece.
I started to predict at the age of twelve.
I love symbology, numbers, F pencils, A5 paper, puzzles.
I am an ardent student of Hellenic mythology.
I try to learn a new system of prediction every year.
All my calculations are hand drawn.
I derive all the calculations for all my predictions from a single book.  The Planetary Ephemeris 1950-2050 Trans-Century Edition by N.F Michelsen.
I am the author of five books:
The Manual of Prediction
The Gods in Action
Keys of Prediction
Clepsydra Timekeeper
I am the creator and author of many many personal TimeMaps spanning twenty years.
I also hold a Higher National Diploma in Architecture from the University of Johannesburg and a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from Dr Robert Buist Integrated Therapies Sydney
My hope is to keep helping advance the businesses of my clients living around the world.
And grateful to be able to continue learning the working of planetary cycles.
Contact me at mail@dinastro.com


My predictions are relevant, astute and often startling.
They depict personal business time events and investment outcomes.
I derive Time from planetary cycles.
Foresights link the event in current time to future time.   Your TimeMap helps you incorporate the time analysis in your daily activity to benefit your individual personal business.


dinastro TimeMap is a personalised road map of time derived from your personal data.
I write the map as a personal tool of navigation to help you time your personal business actions and to help you foresee timed outcomes of your investments.
Your TImeMap
– works with your diary to help you time actions on auspicious days.
– serves as a time strategy aid used for planning action to achieve fruitful outcomes.
– improves business decisions by showing future outcome from your current action.
For more see my page of my offered services https://www.dinastro.com/pages/timemap/


My clients are mostly private business leaders who consult my expertise to advance their own personal business objectives.
The TimeMap for each of my clients is exclusively personalized to serve their own unique business.
Most of my clients are in based in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, London in the UK, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Washington State and Texas in the USA, Lisbon in Portugal, Athens in Greece, Belgium and Cyprus in Europe and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.
My clients prefer anonymity.
Privacy is of paramount importance.     Information is always kept strictly personal.
I promise complete confidentiality.   All information is private and remains reserved.
The testimony for the accuracy of my predictions is indicated by the fact that they remain in demand 25 years later!
Contact me at  mail@dinastro.com


I teach as I write.
Every prediction is derived from a calculation, a formula, the application of a methodology.
Every prediction is unique to the individual.
My training courses are unique and entirely personal.
I teach predictive time derivation using your personal questions.
I use your own chart to teach you timing of events for your own business.
My books are prediction manuals.   They provide practical formulae enabling you to forecast time for the benefit of your own business.
Predictive TimeMaps, Topoi and Courses are offered online via private, personal one-to-one consultations and tuition.
I thrive on live question and answer sessions on timing:
When will the property be sold?  When is the most opportune time I should pursue this action? Will the proposed project come through?  What is the outcome of today’s action?  What is the outcome of the relationship?  When will the pandemic cease?
I also deliver lectures,  speak at group talks,  predict to small groups  and  host a live online Q&A for each month’s foresights.
For more see my page of my offered services https://www.dinastro.com/pages/timemap/
Email me at   mail@dinastro.com
Choice, not chance, determines your destiny  ― Aristotle
T/Dr Dina Carvalho  CND NHDA ND

Order is Heaven’s First Law  – Alexander Pope


Planet:   from the Greek word ‘planetes’ meaning wanderer.
Astrologia:  Latin work for astronomy, the science of the heavenly bodies and  Greek word for the study of the law of the stars.
A reference to the calculation of and foretelling by the movement of heavenly bodies.
dinastro prediction of business events in real time.
T/Dr Dina Carvalho creator and author of:
dinastro.com,  dinastroTimeMap2021 and 2022,  The Manual of Planetary Prediction,   Gods in Action,  Keys of Prediction,   Clepsydra Timekeeper,  Topoi.
Predictive Foresights, Topoi and Courses are offered online via private, personal one-to-one consultations and tuition.
All my work is my own and copyright applies.  dinastro TimeMapTM