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  Time is Divine Order   – Hermes Trismegistos


Courses on prognostics serve the accomplished student and the new seeker to the art.

There are currently two courses on offer.  Both are fully online, live education for personal application.
–  Course of study private, personal coaching on timing your business and investments.  Six weeks.
–  Workshop where you learn timing your diary for your business.  One day.

Key takeaways include:
–  Strategic Planning: How to time your activities for optimal returns.
–  Timing Techniques: When to act for maximum impact.
–  Foresight in Action: Anticipate trends, opportunities and turning points before they arise.

Practical insights in personal Time Strategy.
Help yourself, take control of your time and direct your days with foresight.


Lessons are personal one-on-one and workable which means you practically work with your own cycles to time your business and investments to achieve the desired outcome.

The course currently on offer is for six weeks, where you time your diary with foresights to direct desired returns for your own personal business and investments.  Lessons are private and at your time.

Email me to enroll or for any questions.  mail@dinastro.com


A one-day online workshop.  Offered 4 times a year this course helps you learn to time your engagements to your advantage.  We work directly with your diary, timing the cycles of the month for meetings, contracts, investments, submissions.  You plan your time strategically to maximise returns.

Email me to enroll or for any questions.  mail@dinastro.com

Time your action.

Those who know, do, those who understand, teach  –  Aristotle

This science teaches and treats the connection between man, the earth and the stars   – Paracelsus:  Hermetic Astronomy

What you seek is seeking you  – Rumi


The essence of dinastro predictive tuition is instruction for practical application.

Tuition is disseminated in person, privately, online.
All course material is strictly copyright ©dinastro.

Predictive practitioner and Instructor:  Dina Carvalho Founder and Principal dinastro, founded in 1996.
Creator and author of:  The Manual Of Planetary Prediction;   Electional Prediction;   Keys;   Topoi  – Spacial Prediction;   Gods in Action.  Clepshydra, Queen of Time.

Specialising in private prognostication since 1995.