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Course tuition is offered in personal classes and online with practical application

Compelling instruction for sagacious judgement!

Those who know, do, those who understand, teach  –  Aristotle

Stars in Motion signal Signs of World Occurrences


Basics of Astrology unfold in the Art In The Wheel course.  This is an excellent course for the dedicated enthusiast wishing to unravel the mystery of the wheel.   The material of this course presents:  Wheel allotment,  Elements,  Polarity,  Constellation attributes, The Ascendant and its emissaries,  The Wheel Defined encompassing angles,  Signs Planets Houses,  Character and Life Traits;  The Gods in Action – symbolism of the celestial bodies,  Planetary Symbolism, Sky Pattern and Configuration,  Wheel Rulership.

The knowledge of this course enables you to read a Natal Horoscope chart with character and life traits.

Recommended completion time:  12 weeks.


The Wheel In Motion course divulges Principles of the Natal Horoscope.  The material of this course presents:  Interpreting the Ephemeris,  Calculation of the Natal Map,  Chart Construction of the natal map,  Natal Horoscope Map Interpretation.  Language of the Heavens, Prediction.

The knowledge of this course enables you to calculate, draw, interpret and forecast for a Natal Horoscope Chart.  Students acquire the synthesis of the horoscope, the composition of the natal chart and its interpretation.  Practical sessions deal with the astrological horoscope of the individual.

Recommended completion time:  12 weeks.


Whatever is born or done in a moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time. – Carl G. Jung.

Practical Electional Astrology illuminates how to align your life and activities to specific times to achieve required results in chosen life areas.  This course will equip you to calculate, draw and decipher a simple horoscope for the purpose of answering predictive questions and foreseeing outcomes.  An astrological journal is kept as a record of events and forms part of the weekly assignments.

Electional Course consists of 4 sessions:  ‘The Circle In the Wheel’ deals with the astrological aspects of the chart;  ‘Cycles’ deals with the concept of astrological real time;  ‘Keys’ deals with the planetary rulership;  ‘Integration’ deals with daily application and decision making.  Practicals include election of dates for personal significant events.

Recommended completion time: 12 weeks.


Creation through desire

Practical Topoi Spacial Placement harmonises your living space with your life.  The advantage of planning and designing your personal living and working space to predict unwholesome and materialise chosen life areas for desired outcomes.  Changes in your life are directly initiated through the manipulation of your living space to achieve required results.  Fast-paced, effective five-week tuition.

Recommended completion time:  6 weeks.


Every second is of infinite value – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Effective six-week Astrology Course unlocking keys of astrological elements for the individual.  No calculations, no computers.  Immediate application of knowledge for daily ephemeral personal prediction.  Direct application of the astrological elements to the individual natal chart for masterful daily personal predictive ability through your smart phone.    Effortless prediction to influence daily time for those with little time.

Recommended completion time:  6 weeks


Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

Effective six-week Predictive Course with Astrological elements of prediction.  Easy astrological tuition to self-direct through Tools of astrology without the use of the Planetary Ephemeris.   Fun daily guidance through the Astrological elements.  Uncomplicated play.

Recommended completion time:   6 weeks



The principal business of life is to enjoy it.  – Samuel Butler

Encompass Runes into your life and space.  Ingenious tuition to self-direct through the ancient relevant systems of Nordic Runes.
Empowering six-week Divination Course for individuals seeking daily guidance for personal decisions in a fast-changing world…

Recommended completion time:  6 weeks

A keynote of my dinastro astrological tuition is teaching without textbooks.   The knowledge is build from understanding the basic principles.  With astrology, this means understanding the ancient lore planets embody.  Although use of astrology is often regarded mathematically complicated the approach used makes the technique simplicity itself.  Computers are not used for the calculations or drawing of predictive maps.   The courses and workshops are accessible to anyone who is interested in precise prediction that can be practically applied every day and those who enjoy an enlightening adventure.

Please consider the enormous care taken to present the information in a practical framework that achieves in-depth perspicacity.  Many years of experience renders the skilled knowledge of the courses and services offered.  Courses are disseminated in person, privately, in groups or online.

All courses are personally taught by Dina Carvalho.  

Predictive practitioner and Instructor:  Dina Carvalho

Founder and Principal dinastro, founded in 1995.

Creator and author of:   The Manual Of Astrology;   Electional Prediction;   Keys;   Topoi  – Spacial Prediction;   Gods in Action.

Practitioner of Predictive Planetary Astrology,  English Tarot,  Nordic Rune,  Hellenic Deities,  Mansions, Tibetan Mo and Chinese I-Ching.

In private astrological counseling practice, specialising in predictive astrology since 1995.