Time flies over us and leaves its shadow behind  – Pythagoras

Cycles of planetary movement indicate the timing of events.  These cycles can be defined for global events and individual actions.  This page gives global foresights.  For individual foresights refer to your personal TimeMap for the year.

Before undertaking a Magical Act consult the Planets,
Be satisfied that the Heavenly omens are favourable,
Then call upon the God of the Hour to aid You in your Task
– Indian Wisdom

‘Deeper knowledge of heaven was first granted to earth by the gift of the gods.’ – Manilius, Astronomica 1, 25.




This page is to provide dated timing for key events around the world as presented in the news accessed online.

Timed prediction requires a day to reference from.  Sometimes this is unavailable then a different approach is required.

Note a day overlap applies.

dinastro is not liable for any consequential, special, direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise out of or caused by following these predictions.


Written Week of September 24.
Published September 29 2023

–    Constraints, conserve from 2025.

Interest rates hikes from 2022 see constraints March 2024.

2023 September 30, October 14.  Closure.  Ending.  Shutdown.  US Government?

US government shutdown October 1st sees breakthrough October 30 2023.

SAG-AFTRA strike action of July 13 2023
Sees gains January 2024.
Hidden things.  From June 6 2023.
Outcome of disruption of January-March 2023.  Constraints September 7 2023.  Outcome seen September 24 2023 for January 2024 gains.   October 4 2023 a decline.  Communications, accounts.  November 28 Joy.  December documents, writing, accounts, January agreement, gains.  February action.

WGA May 2 2023
Sees gains March 2024.  Restoration November 9, decline September 3, gains, ending September 28 2023.

Ukraine War February 24 2022 sees a decline, loss October 2023, February 2024.
New direction May 2024.
Putin disruption July 2023, July 2024-April 2025.

Taiwan working from the dates:
3 September 1954:   reflects opposition, dispute, conflict, disruption 2024.
1 January 1979:    2022 September-June 2023 conflict, disruption, aid.  2023 September constraints, October acquisition for 2025.
2 January 2019:    Key days:  2024 January 13,  Conflict 2024, with aid from November 2023.
– this is ongoing as still busy with calculations.

5 November 2024 United States Elections.  Ron DeSantis?

Finance constraints March 2024 from decline of October 2023.    Recession?

UAW strike September 15 2023 sees talks October 5, decline October 14, gains October 26, agreement November 9 2023.