Dinastro abides by the axiom ‘there is nothing below that is not ruled by that which is above’ by Hermes Trismegistos.


Eclipse events in 2017

Eclipses are Nature’s ways of sending specific messages of things that will occur on Earth…

Astrological analysis

The astrological analysis for South Africa has been drawn from the chart for South Africa for Tuesday 10th May 1994 12:30pm Gauteng.

Mercury Retrogade

Three times a year, every year at different times, the planet Mercury goes retrograde. This term is used to describe the motion of when a planet appears to be moving backwards.


  • Planetary Insights Coming soon

    Astrology deals with cycles within cycles of planetary movement, seeking to decipher the meaning and how it reflects our lives and decisions.  Please note the planetary predictive definitions apply globally.  For the individual personal meaning of how the energies apply read your personal chart analysis for the year.