there is nothing below that is not ruled by that which is above    – Hermes Trismegistos


dinastro is a boutique business consultancy service specialising in timed business prognostics.
Advancement of business by timed predictions of future outcomes.
dinastro serves corporate clients, professionals, private individuals and families.



dinastro PREDICTIVE TimeMap accurately portends future-dated outcomes of your business and personal life.   Individual time is prescribed to advance prosperous business transactions.   Personal foresights provide you with your own distinct predictive TimeMap, a constant of daily insights of your personal activities and future outcomes.  It is a steadfast advisor serving you future predictions for masterful planning of outcomes.  Progressive planetary formulae interpret personal future time.   An influential TimeMap for those of us who prefer to organise our days with purpose.   Discerning intelligence!


authoritative PREDICTIVE TUITION for the eager beginner and the accomplished student of the intriguing subject of prediction.   My courses on prediction are created to empower you to foresee events in time for yourself.   Personal insights of future time derived from planetary movement helps you direct your own daily time for successful outcomes.    Course content is designed so you can practically implement your learning to directly benefit you.  Instruction is personal, online and enables your own skilled business and personal short-term predictions.    Proficient instruction!


purposeful SPACIAL PLACEMENT.    Topoi is prescribed manipulation of your living home and business space to control future outcomes and direct advantageous change into your current life activities.   I discovered Topoi during my attempts to remove hindrances from particular areas in my life and realised I could apply this system to every realm of my life from health to wealth.   Topoi helps predict areas of loss and the remedy you can apply.   The use of Topoi expedites propitious action so you can restore balance in your environment for long-term prosperity.     Essential enlightenment!

dinastro 2020 CYCLES
Planets move in cycles.
Each planetary cycle heralds future outcomes within a time frame.
Choose long-term foresights to reveal your personal business outcomes 2020 or short-term monthly foresights for 2020. for your dated annual and monthly business foresights




    dinastro Online Course Selene Goddess of Light gives you the skill to effectively direct Time.  The course is designed to empower you with the skill of electing days for favourable outcomes, such as when to hand the proposal to the client for acceptance, when to avert material loss, when to expect employee changes.   You can plan schedules, arrange timetables to advance your company’s business and financial outcomes.   Planetary data is easily accessed from online tables and applied to benefit your individual requirements.  Effective prediction skill for directing daily outcomes for successful results.    Twelve-week personal online tuition of judicious timing for profitable business decisions, financial actions and daily planning.    Booking essential