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All Science is necessarily prophetic,  so truly so,  that the power of prophecy is the test,  the infallible criterion, by which any presumed Science is ascertained to be actually & verily science.        —  Samuel Taylor Coleridge

dinastro TIMEMAP™

The TimeMap™ presents personal time cycles to enable the foresight of future outcomes from current action in personal and business ventures.

I am Dina Carvalho
I write dated time analysis for leaders in business.

I created the TimeMap to help clients plan their days with the foreknowledge of future outcomes ahead of time.

dinastro TIMEMAP

The study of the phenomena of time shows time moves in cycles.
Cycles are depicted by the motion of planets.

Your individual TimeMap charts the planetary movement around you in the present time.

Seen from the earth’s perspective,   planets move around the earth,  forming geometrical aspects with each other.
The aspects they cast from their positions present the event.
This defines the principle of Time.

Time is read by the motion of your personal planets.
Planets depict your business affairs and personal affairs of family.

The unique placement of each planet forms a pattern.
This pattern is interpreted with the use of keys.

Application of the keys gives the activity within the framework of Time.

The success of the prediction ahead of time is seen by how well the rules are applied.
We can liken the wheel to a puzzle that moves and this is what presents the challenge of linking the event to a time.

Personal foresights are taken from the position of the fixed elements on your Natal wheel.

The elements consist of:

  • the planets
  • the lights
  • the planetoids
  • the eclipses
  • the fixed stars

The position of these elements constitute the fixed wheel of your Nativity.

Advanced forward in time these elements reflect personal and business current actions and their accompanying future events.

Measuring the effects of Time, we look at planetary placement and the aspect interactions formed by the various elements comprising the map.

Events in future time are calculated by the interaction of the elements from their fixed positions in your Natal wheel to their mobile positions in wheels.

Thus the path of planetary motion act as the clock-hands,  indicating events triggered by the annual, monthly, weekly and daily movement.

Each element denotes an individual aspect of life that is particular to you as defined from their placement in your Nativity.

Each planet traversing the domains in your own wheel shows the outcome of your personal business activity in present and future time.

Each element has its own distinct definition according to its path of motion.
Each element signifies different aspects in life,  such as the notorious man of disruption, signified by Mars.
Each element is subject to rules for each individual wheel drawn for each span of time.

Rules give a depth of clarity to the meaning of each wheel which would be overlooked without further calculations.

Your personal business foresights are calculated using the movement of each planet as it traverses present time from the point of commencement in the moment of birth.
The degrees of planetary motion depict the planetary cycles as defined by the elements in your personal individual map.

Thus the Map is a study of Time, the time of your life.

Most current astrological systems in use today are devoid of the crucial element of time because they view the chart as a fixed picture of the heavens unable to provide the defining element of time for which astrology is uniquely valued for.

Every single living thing under the sun is represented as an element in Astrology.
Each individual has a time-frame of activity on this earth and within this time frame are cycles of activity of time.
Time changes are shown by the cycles of the planets.

The art of linking present time to future time shows the ability to designate the cycle of each activity, person, event, thing in your life to its timed outcome,  clearly.
Clarity of interpretation lies in the skill of the analyst,  the intelligence received from the individual informing the analyst,  and the free will choices of the individual.

This helps refine the map to answer and direct the individual question of time.

dinastro TIMEMAP
A navigational map of Time to advance business.

WHAT IS my dinastroTIMEMAP
My TimeMap is a dated schedule of personal business time predictions which helps time your business targets for successful results.
It is an intimate time-guide of one’s own personal business affairs used to foresee outcomes in future time.

I devised it years ago, to fulfill a request for daily prediction that I had received from a client.
He wanted a confirmation of the qualities of each day to support his business decisions.
He uses his TimeMap with his diary to plan his strategy of action, to assess the timing of his decisions and to time his business interactions and finance investments for greater yield.
His ability to foresee a future outcome to his action ahead of time helps him control and direct the result.

He uses his TimeMap every single day to assist with the timing of his business executions.
He has been doing this for eighteen years.
This practice has served to increase his credit with his business associations and elevated his business affairs.    To this day still uses his map every day.

After many years of practice it evolved into the dinastro TimeMapTM  and has become the favoured resource for most of my clients.

I write each map with the aim of helping each individual leader achieve the aspiration of his business.
This is what makes each map unique.
It is derived using calculations of the planetary motion at current time of the personal birth data of the individual.
This is what makes it personal.

As a programme of time showing the action in the day/week/month/year and the day of its future outcome.

Accurate predictions about future events present an advantage when deciding the best course of action to take advantage of propitious days to achieve goals and avoid potential risk.  

I calculate and chart the planetary motion of each of the planets as viewed from the location of your birth, on your day and time of your birth.    Then I spin them forward in time.
This is what enables me to predict for a future time.

Time cycles include:
The annual cycle provides the outlook for the year.  Focus of time is provided in the month.  Further detail is provided through the week and day foresight.
So we can foresee the outcome of an action or event, venture or relationship in a day to its future month, week, day, hour.

Foresights are timed according to the following cycles:
ANNUAL time analysis for the year.  Annual time cycles, year linked to future year.
This map provides long-term strategy linking the current year’s direction with the following year.  Valuable if you wish to plan the direction of your business for the next three years.

MONTH time analysis for each month.
Monthly time cycles linked to future month within the year.

WEEK time analysis for each week. Weekly time cycles linked to future week with notable days.
The month and week maps work together to provide the strategy needed for short-term goals.

DAY time analysis for each day every week.  Daily time cycles linked to day in future months.
A practical method for securing short term goals, the day map is effective because it focuses the month event to a day linking to its outcome in a future day, week, month.

I have designed the foresights to cater to the individual business of each of my clients.
It supports their business action because it calculates their unique cycles showing the future outcome of their relationships within a particular time cycle.

Planetary prediction is based on the rules and premises of traditional astrology.
The analysis is unique to each individual.

Assuming you choose the daily time cycles.
You include the foresight of each day with your daily plans in your professional diary.

You judge the foresight to see the power of that day for you personally and choose your action.
Does the action this day strengthen or weaken my chances of success?
Is it my day of loss?   Is it my day of advantage?   What, when is the outcome of today’s meeting?   When does this relationship show fruit?    Is this a favourable day to submit my proposal?   Is this a day for caution?

Then you the link your activity in current time to the outcome in future time.
This will determine how you choose the timing of your action.

Choosing the monthly cycles also benefit because you can see long-term outcomes of relationship contracts and the profit or loss yields in future months.

Derived through mathematical calculations, formulae and the geometrical patterns formed by the planets, your TimeMap is an indispensable personal guide of time.
It reveals what you can expect in a future time.   It assists you to plan ahead.
It shows you the most propitious time to achieve the best results.
It is clear, practical and simple to use.

Used as a personal template you time your business action to achieve your goal.
Thus it becomes your TimeMap.

It helps you make the best choice for your organisation in a time of constraints and uncertainty.
It is an indicator of future tendencies of expectations of market risk and return,  finance, investment,  future direction of the business,  the changes with employees,  business premises changes,  business partner,  your association with the board and share holders,  sales projections,  client engagement future outcomes,  deadline delays,  loss,  opposition, disputes,   profit,  the successful involvement with contracts of business,  deadline targets,  triumphant commitment with client proposals,  the delay and hindrances of the business affairs,  and the constraints with these relationships and finance outcomes.

Most importantly it indicates the timing for caution, best utilised for the preservation of your business and finance.
You use the TimeMap to help you time your strategic choices and to act on them at the time that will bring you the most profit.

Predictions reflect the outcome of your action in a future time ahead.
You link the foresight to your daily event that you have marked in your professional diary.
This supports your decision because you can see the sign of the time ahead of time.

Each prediction reflects your time cycle measured in a day, a week, a month, a year.
It nurtures your decisions about future business by helping you align your activities to the favourable energy of the time to advance forward and gain the maximum benefit or to change the course of action to avert loss.

The map is a useful tool if you want to view your next week, month or year.
If you want to know the best time to act to achieve better results.
If you want timed answers to your questions of business.

As a strategic plan of timed action to help you direct time to achieve your business targets.
Aligns time with your business action to help you achieve your goals.
Helps you assess the times of risk
Helps you time marketing launches at auspicious times
Helps align strategic goals with the time auspicious
Enables you to time the submission of proposals, meetings, partnerships, contracts on days which yield the most favourable results for you personally
Acts as an indicator of outcomes this quarter, month, week, day
Adds the foresight of time to your plan of action to propel your business goal and vision
Provides a practical short-term view helpful for timing of current changes
Provides a practical long-term focus on business achievements and downfalls for a time frame of three months to three years.
Provides the time links of a day – to a future month – to a future year.
Provides time outcomes of staff changes, revenue changes, client commitment
Helps accurately determine the delivery time of a deadline
Helps you anticipate future events and be proactive in adapting to conflict, changes.
Gives the ability to prepare for possible outcomes
Promotes pro-action versus re-action
Supports purposeful choice for directing action
Enables you to make choices in order to control events
Creates a discipline of working with a time strategy
Promotes long-term planning
Increases the success of your efforts.

It provides detail of activity for every day and its future outcome on a future day in a future month.
The TimeMap can be described as to be nothing short of the manipulation of Time.

The TimeMap helps with preparation of future time events, by timing your actions through linking the current timing of your commitment to the desired future outcome.
The TimeMap is used to produce foresighs for short and long -term time links for two years tying months to years ahead.

Predictions are written for the year, the month, the week, day, hour.
Knowing the right timing for your action ensures the most effective result for your individual business.

All prospect of gain is defined by the destiny pattern indicated in the individual birth chart.
The chart sets the boundaries of what can be achieved within the life.
This means that one cannot expect to achieve billionaire status if this is not supported by the destiny pattern in the life chart.

However one can improve on the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses through the wilful, deliberate choice of timing your actions at opportune times.

I write the map to serve professionals.  People running smart businesses.
Most of my clients are entrepreneurs,  owners of impactful boutique businesses,  freelancers of skill,  independent professionals,  CEO’s of family businesses,  executives of influence.
They use their map as a guide for their myriad business decisions.

In these times of swift change it is absurd for anyone to commit to anything without foreknowledge of the future consequence.
A natural process of timing with the movement of the planets.

My clients are visionaries, commanders, anchors.
Respected leaders of their industries.

They use their map as a daily journal to assist them determine the opportune timing of their business affairs.
Most are still in communication with me twenty five years later.

My main mandate is to direct the timing for my clients’ investment commitments.
Primarily this is to conserve their wealth and to maximise their returns in future time.

My number one objective is to time their decisions, actions and commitments for the preservation of their capital assets.

My client’s investment portfolios are diverse.
They range from property, gold, cryptocurrency, shipping, travel, leisure, construction, finance, technology services, equipment (dental to scaffolding).

I assist with counteracting the ‘slings and arrows’ from employee changes,  client disputes,  regulator scrutiny,  investor changes,  travel arrangements,  monetary loss,  deadlines delays in an effort to promote stable performance.

I do this through the TimeMap by predicting time’s outcomes in advance.

I am not at all involved in any decision with investment endeavours.
I simply assist with providing propitious days for my client’s decision so their action on a particular day increases their chance of attaining their desired objective they seek in future time.

One remarkable feature of the TimeMap is how intimately it depicts business events in detail;  and there is only a day overlap.
It portrays the stability of events in Time and the subsequent fruition through the personal time cycles.

The value of the TimeMap stems from foreseeing in advance the trends of future time.
With particular focus on your reputation,  your business credibility,  the submission for acceptance of proposed contracts and the preservation of the status of your position and wealth.

I am hired mostly by wealthy individuals as intimate assistant to aid with the the timing of their business contracts, their investments, their relationships, their family and retirement plans.

My chief priority is to keep my clients maintain their course,  avert ill-timed action that may lead to loss,  handle times of delay,  avoid commitment in inopportune times that lead to inconvenient hindrance and waste.

The TimeMap advises on the timing of personal outreach to increase returns and not to lose money.
The focus is on conservative action at the opportune time.

It is designed with care to maintain your individual affairs, and benefit your course of action.
Your fortune, and business status in the business world.
To avoid scrutiny
To maintain business culture
To help with the timing of evolving needs of your work, family, investment status and organizational structure of the business
To foresee future outcomes of risks in real time
To reduce your risk without endangering your returns

The TimeMap empowers you with calculated manipulation of personal time in your pursuit for growth opportunities.

My services as personal advisor and private confidante with most of my clients affairs – business and private –  is based on enduring relationships of loyalty which has led to my long-standing tenure with most of my clients.

My TimeMap impacts their professional leadership.

It serves to deliver consistent returns with the primary focus of protecting my benefactor’s good name and their inner creative working relationships.

My clients give me broad discretion.  This allows for far-sights in future time.
Mostly their association with me has been long-standing with trust.

Any information connected to anything related to the affairs of my clients stays and remains undisclosed.

Should you wish to connect with me please message me an introduction on mail@dinastro.com
I look forward to hearing from you

Personalised TimeMap Strategy For Business Advancement

Dina Carvalho
Creator, owner, director of dinastro.com since 1996 and dinastroTimeMap2000.
All copyrights to my work are strictly my own.
I reserve the right to all my writing.
You may contact me for permission should you wish to make use any of my work at any time, in any way or form.
© dinastro  June 2021

Sometimes there is an overlap in the time of the prediction.   Usually a day.
Somethings only God knows the time for their fruition and that He does not reveal.
I try to read the foresights as accurate as possible.
But as a mere mortal I cannot claim to be able to work out a time for everything.
I always give thanks of gratitude for every reading I engage with.

dinastro TIMEMAP 2021
Timed Personal Business Prediction
Annual Monthly Weekly Daily Foresights
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Sagacious Prescription of Time

Predictive foresights, tuition courses are presented in one-on-one private consultation online via email, skype.

Predictive talks as guest speaker to group classes are delivered at set venues, online on the particular industry chosen by the host.
mail@dinastro.com for further details.

  –  YOU CHOOSE  –

Time flies swiftly past.   To win time apply Method    – Goethe

–  the machinery of the heavens is like a clock, in it almost all the variety of motions is from one very simple magnetic force acting on bodies, as in the clock all motions are from a very simple weight –      Johannes Kepler

Time is of the essence, once passed never to be retrieved.

Integrate prediction in your daily affairs  when designing the future,  for efficacious business planning,  to advance ventures, to benefit events,  to enable astute problem solving,  to develop solutions,  to enhance time efficiency,  for timeous action,  to promote outcomes of profit and reduce risk. 


dinastro Predictive Personal TimeMap and Tuition are communicated privately one-on-one online.
Guest appearance for predictive presentation in group talks is online.

Individual knowledge of future trends is through the predictive TimeMap.
Tuition can be practically applied for self-timing.

Predictive foresights are unique to each individual consultation.

Mathematical calculations are performed manually,  the individual foresights are not computer generated, although a computer is used to type and email the foresights.
Once the map has been emailed, an online meeting is recommended to serve as an introduction and to give clarity.
All fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.
Payment is accepted by bank transfer or PayPal.

Future prediction has been my fervent pursuit for almost 40 years.
I am effective at what I do, but not irrefutable.  What you are paying for is my time, my knowledge and my years of experience in prognostics.
Please note that the decisions you make after a consultation are exclusively your own.

When requesting a predictive analysis please include the day, month, year, time, place of your birth and a brief explanation of what you are looking for.   I shall reply within twenty four hours.

All personal communications,  assessments,  foresights,  and information are always treated as strictly confidential and are never shared with anyone at any time.

As a single individual engaged for the benefit of many, please allow 24 hours response time, although I try my best to respond earlier.   Thank you for your interest.

Contact me Dina for your own map on mail@dinastro.com