OCTOBER 2019 WEEK OF 1-6th


EPHEMERAL CYCLE OF EVENTS: Monday 30th September:  Unfavourable for action, communications are false, material things faulty. Tuesday 1st October:   Unfavourable for action, communications are false, material things faulty. Busyness with accounts, communications, planning of affairs of October and November, movement, financial affairs of the business, financial affairs of the client, employee deadlines, group activities. Wednesday 2nd October:   Favourable for work endings, hidden plans to materialise in December Thursday 3rd October:  Favourable for women of authority, gain for work employees, favourable to take counsel, make requests of those in authority, work affairs. Friday 4th:   Favourable for work endings, social affairs, ownership of property Saturday 5th: Unfavourable for material physical things, investments. Unfavourable for association with men, tendency to disruption. Energy prone to loss of personal possessions, movement, study, accounts. Sunday 6th:  Favourable for matters of wealth. Favourable for plans for October 2019 for January 2020. Favourable for social affairs, association with women, affairs concerning value of property and ownership of property.

These are global planetary energies. Individual Annual Road-map stem from the personal birth data

Choice, not chance,  determines destiny    –  Aristotle