dinastro 2020 FORESIGHTS


2020 features a planetary stellium involving Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Saturn.  This highlights a focus on relationships, contracts, conflict, law suits, theft, relocation/migrations, increase of wealth, changes in status of authority figures, war, mortality. A year of effort.


2019 December Solar Eclipse with Jupiter, Cadua Draconis signifies loss/non-materialisation of expectations of gain, ‘rain’.

2020 January 12th  Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 22° Capricorn with Sun, Mercury, Ceres.  Jupiter with Cadua Draconis.    Saturn Pluto conjunction occurs approximately every 35 years, signifying conflict of the forces of power to retain control, a shift of power in the world, changes in custodianship of resources, tests of integrity, authority, capacity, resilience, changes in governance, constraints of wealth.  Events of January seen action April and July-December. Discord

2020 April Jupiter-Pluto conjunction recurring June, highlighting a rearrangement of wealth. Plans for July.

2020 June Solar Eclipse in Solstice with Jupiter-Pluto conjunction sextile Mars and Neptune. Gain of wealth.

2020 August-December Mars traversing Aries in direct, retrograde motion, square the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto.  October opposition, strife, conflict.

FAR SIGHTS: 2020 December Solstice Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius with Mars square Pluto.  Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs every 20 years.  This highlights a shift in the financial approach of world affairs, toward new solutions focusing on culture, advance of technology, communications, humanitarian ideals, groups, global relations, explorations, inventions, electricity, predictions.   A shift of traditional ways toward collaborative efforts.  The beginning of the new cycle of new direction commencing 2021.

2020 signifies endings of the past two years, since 2017, breakthrough into new cycle commencing 2021. 2021 focus in global communications, space exploration, civil rights, a return to calm. 


2020 January, February work routines, health regimes.  Wealth restraints.  Planning for March.  Reflection, endings, closure.   

2020 March  outcome of plans of January.  Affairs of property.  Business appointments, government credibility.  Group meetings.  Everyone busy with work deadlines.  Riches,  tendency to deception.  Endings.  Events/decisions/plans of this time see outcome in November 2020.

2020 April   Outcome from February.  Potential conflict.   Trips, removals.  Status of employees.  Movement of authority figures, investments in foreign places.  Education, youth.  Finances of work targets, sales.   Preparation for the July-December period. Potential conflict.

2020 April-August Venus retrograde phase legal affairs of property, employee contracts, work endings.

2020 May   Movement, trips.  Financial focus.  Outcome of ventures of May to be seen February2021.  

2020 May-February 2021 Focus on international relations. Affairs of property. Finances of the business. Education.

2020 June   deadlines, endings.   Work targets.  Workforce opposition, from February 2020.

2020 July-December    Conflict, strife. Compromise, agreements. Movement, relocation. Wealth. Endings.

2020 the year for gain, wealth, caution, calmness, compromise to avert strife.

2020 PERSONAL FORESIGHTS For those of with the Sun, Ascending Sign or Mutual Reception Sun in the constellation of: ARIES the year 2020 highlights relationships, contracts, commitment to new direction, move, relocation TAURUS 2020 work targets, work deadlines, employees, health regimes, foreign affairs GEMINI payments, investments, shared resources, resources of property, social affairs, affairs of children CANCER home and family affairs, property, agreement, movement LEO daily working affairs, deadlines, health, short trips, employee status, sibling relations VIRGO personal finances and material security. Assistant. Finances of property. Focus on affairs of child LIBRA change in business premises, changes in status of property ownership. Home, family. Property affairs SCORPIO work busyness, endings, hidden affairs, short trips, reflection SAGITTARIUS business finances, government resources, taxes, funding of business, group activities, property finances, child, social affairs CAPRICORN direction, position, credibility, authority, business appointment, planning AQUARIUS foreign affairs, legal matters meetings, work targets, work busyness, education, endings PISCES business funding, group meetings, social events, child movement, shared finances, banks, insurance, investments, inheritance, funding, rental.



Tomorrow we may come this way,

And take the hidden paths that run

Towards the Moon or to the Sun    –  J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings.