The week of 27th marks the beginning of February 2020. 

Planning of activities for April 2020.  Focus on new direction, plans of property appointment for May. 

Activities of the week highlight outcomes of affairs of August 2019.  

Key dates of the week of 27th January is the 2nd February.   

Work affairs, settlements, investments of January week of 27th see result in the week of 1st April.  

MONDAY 27th   focus on work routines, group meetings, government finances. 

TUESDAY 28th   continuation of affairs of January.  Payments, investments.  Favourable for women and association with.  Planning for March.  Focus on riches.   Hidden things, potential deception outcome March.   Moon with Venus and Mercury after sunset.  

WEDNESDAY 29th   Potential conflict for April.  Hidden things manifest April. 

THURSDAY 30th    fruition of 2019 December, payments, settlements.  Consolidation of work and financial affairs of January.   Focus on work endings, contracts of January, wealth, hidden things, plans for April. 

FRIDAY 31st   continuation of 30th.  Focus on payments, investments, meetings, work targets, appointment for April, wealth.   

SATURDAY 1st    unexpected events, favourable for cutting of ties, breaks, movement, trip.   Communications are true.

SUNDAY 2nd   Outcome of 2019.  Favourable for new direction.   Planning change of status of position for May.   Events today see outcome May 2020. Communications here are true, commitments of long-duration.   First Quarter Moon, preparation for Full Moon phase 9th February.   Mortality, wealth of March, April. 

PERSONAL FORESIGHTS for those of us born with Midheaven, Natal Sun or Mutual Receptive Sun in the constellation of:

Note:  Activities of the week of 27th January peak 1-2nd February. 

ARIES  group activities, meetings, business funding, movement of child.

TAURUS   change of status of position, business appointment, movement.
GEMINI   managing work targets, work endings, foreign affairs.
CANCER   shared finances, investments, payments.
LEO   movement, trip, meetings, agreements, contracts.

VIRGO   work routines, health regime.

LIBRA   property resources, social recreation, affairs of child.
SCORPIO   client contract, property affairs, home and family.
SAGITTARIUS    busyness in daily organising, meetings, employee status of appointment.
CAPRICORN    personal finances, material possessions, resources.
AQUARIUS   Planning.  Status of property ownership.  Selfhood activities, new direction.
PISCES   Work endings.  Reflection.

Sagacious Prediction of Time