The cycle of the planetary year 2024 is May 2023 – May 2024. 
Then June 2024 the planetary year of 2025 commences.

For 2023 May-December view: 
Mercury in the mornings June, September, evenings August, December. 
Venus in the evenings in the west January-July, in the mornings look east at dawn September-December. 
Venus key days when she attains greatest brilliancy:  July 7 evening, September 19 in the morning. 

2023 for Mars is an off-year receding from visibility.  He returns to view January 2024. 
Jupiter is visible in the mornings from May-October and evenings of November-December. 
Jupiter opposition Sun November 3, at his brightest October 11-November 23. 

Saturn is visible in the mornings May-August and evenings of September-December.  At his brightest when in opposition to Sun August 27. 

Uranus is visible in the morning June-November and evenings December.  Uranus at his brightest October 11-December 17 with opposition to Sun November 13. 

Neptune is brightest July-November 2023.  Sun opposition September 19. 

2024 commences May 2023. 
Cycle of 2023 is June 2022-2023 May gains, success, fruition.  The big Aid.  

September-December 2022, and April-June, August-September 2023 work focus. 


2023 purpose to the gains of 2022 May, October 2022.

Cycle of 2024 is May 2023-May 2024.
2024 a shift from the gains of 2022-2023.
Finance focus.  Changes in value of monetary currency.  A digital currency.
Value of antique, vintage.  Banks.  Stocks. 
Employment:  constraints of February;  restoration July-October 2023. 
Unrest.  Movement of people. 
Technology.  Invention. Space.  Banks. 
Off grid, electricity, alternative forms of healing, investment, building.   Increase in individual artisanal businesses. 
Investment gains.   Constraints with payments of 2023, breaks.

2024 is a year of surprise. 
In your own personal life expect breaks from, breakthroughs, movement, reorientation, gains. 
Look to your May 2023, May-July 2024.
2024 is the cycle of 12 years, look to 2011-2012.   Gains. 

Gold strength April, August 2023. 
Constraints, regulations with crypto, oil, water for 2023-2026. 
Riches of October 2022 see purpose June 2023.
2024 reflects the breaks of constraints of 2021-2022.
Key months for the 2024 cycle:   May 2023, May-July 2024. 

May look to breaks.  Gains.  Engagement of 2024.  Key day April 21, May 19. 
Engagement of May 2023 reflects action of July-August 2023.  Closure November 2023. 

June  outcome of project of January-March.  Work changes, pricing for 2024.
June-August  arrange premises.  A decline for November.
September-October  harvest of 2023, engagement of October 2022-October 2023. 
November  closure, ending of engagement of July-August. 

2024 May-July  gains, success, fruition, movement from engagement of May 2023.
Regulations, constraints with water, oil, crypto of gains of 2022, 2023 seen March-April 2024. 

Key months this cycle are 2023 May, June-August, November, 2024 May-July 

2024 focus on revenue gains, break from a source of revenue, breakthrough gains with revenue.
Group activity.  Social.  Meetings.  Resources of property, funding. Sudden movement of child. 
Creative project.  Investment.  Finance focus, payments, supplies.  Funding, resources for property. 
Business closure, ending of May 2022, property of 2023, engagement of April 2023.  2024 Finance focus, resources for property. 
Reorientation of finance, breaks with work premises, employee.   Finance focus of June-August 2023. 
Look to May 2023, May-July 2024.  Decline of investment November 2023. 

2024 change in direction.   Business engagement.  Break from client.  Breakthrough with business direction.  Movement.  Commitment with property, agreement. 
Reorientation of property ownership.  Investment breaks, gains.  Property focus of June-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  An ending with property for November 2023.. 

2024 business closure.  Ending.  Focus on routines.   Benefit with foreign.  Breakthrough with education.
Focus on work, establish schedules. 
Reorientation with employment contract.  Movement, benefit from change in house.   Work ending June-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  A work appointment November 2023. 

2024 with other’s finance, payment, settlement.  Investment of May 2023-May 2024.
Focus on finance shared with partner. 
Reorientation with work premises.  Break from employees.  Investment  gains.   Gains with revenue of June-August 2023.
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  Revenue gains of August for finance decline November 2023. 

2024 agreement.  Movement.  Change in property.  Contract agreement, employment. 
Long-term agreement. 
Reorientation with finance.  Gains.   Breaks from investment.  Gains from engagement of June-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  An ending with property ownership November 2023. 

2024 work focus, services.  Appoint employee.  Focus on deadlines.  Work premises.
Health regime.  Break from habit. 
Reorientation with property.  A breakthrough with development.  Gains with ownership.  Education focus of June-August 2023.
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  A work ending, closure November 2023.

2024  Finance focus.  Investment gains.  Look to relationship.  Child’s placement.
Reorientation with work.  Break from work, work appointment.  Breaks from payments August 2023.
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.  Decline of revenue November 2023. 

2024 focus on property – development, appointment, purpose, ownership.  New direction.
Reorientation with finance.  Movement for July-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.    Ending, change in direction, business engagement November 2023. 

2024 work focus.  Organise affairs.  A change, movement with work premises.  Appoint employee. 
Reorientation with property appointment.  Business engagement.  Work focus of June-August 2023, ending November 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.   Business closure seen November 2023. 

2024 finance gains.  Revenue.  Supplies.  Resources for property, funding.  A break from social.  Breakthrough with child, movement of.
Reorientation of work, an ending.  Investment of June-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.   Payments, investment ending seen November 2023. 

2024 gains with property ownership.   Change with career direction.   Focus on property, development. 
Reorientation of finance pricing, payments.  Property focus, agreement of June-August 2023. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024.   Conclusion with operations, employment contract of August seen November 2023. 

2024 a break with work.  Work ending.  Retreat.  Closure.  Work appointment June-August 2023, a decline November.    
Reorientation of direction.  Movement.  Change in business engagement.  Work focus June-August 2023, November. 
Key month May 2023, May-July 2024. 

You can foresee your personal events months in advance!  Predictions present long and short-term foresights for the year ahead to assist you with timing your investment decisions. 

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