dinastroTimeMap BUSINESS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 19 2024
Moon waxing Full.
Look to meet for agreement.  Clarity for investment April 2024.  Movement from December 2023. 
Work schedules, operations from agreement of January 26 2024.   Key day February 22.
Look to agreement from January 11 2024.   Key day February 21.
Meeting.  Investment:   loss February 28, gains June 2024.   Key day February 24.

Sun enters Pisces.  The start of March.  Work schedules, operations outcome from November 2023. 

Planning The Week
Monday 19   Today move.  Plan operations for the week.   
Tuesday 20   Today meet for agreement.  Look to resources.  Things are true.
Wednesday 21   Today agreement.  Joy from delay of December 13 2023. 
Thursday 22   Today schedules.  Confrontation, disruption.  Maintain routines, change seen May 2024.
Friday 23   Today routines.  Return of January 26 2024. 
Saturday 24   Today agreement.  Social.  Group.  With supplies. 
Sunday 25    Today property.  Gains of resources.   Cease movement. Investment decline for February 27.

Today movement with operations.  Meeting.
Joy from January 10 2024.  
Sun enters Pisces.  The start of March 2024.  March focus on resources, advance from delay of December 13 2023. 

Today with resources.
Movement, meetings.  Agreement.  Finance focus.
Agreement from delay of December 2023 week of 13. 
Today meeting reflects work of March 4-6 2024. 
Things are true. 

Today movement, operations of the week.
Focus on resources.
Clarity of January 23 2024. 
Plan for March 30 2024. 

ARIES    Today with work: employee, premises from delay of 13 December 2023.  Arrange premises for July.
TAURUS   Today retreat, recreation.  Look to creative project.  Investment from delay of December 13 2023.  Holiday for March 30 2024.
GEMINI   Today with revenue from agreement.  Things are true.  Look to pricing, price for July 2024.  Property. 
CANCER   Today work focus, business engagement.  Appoint employee, work from delay of December 2023.   Business direction July 2024.    
LEO   Today business closure from delay of December 13 2024.  look to resources.  Launch creative project.  Travel for July 2024.
VIRGO   Today payment.  With others, loan, rent.  Focus on premises from December 2023..   
LIBRA   Today movement, with others.  Work retreat.  Operations of employee from December 2023.  Contract for July 2024.
SCORPIO   Today revenue from delay of December 2023.  Work focus, deadlines.  Look to pricing for July 2024. 
SAGITTARIUS    Today engagement from December 2023.  Investment gains.  Project for July 2024.   
CAPRICORN  Today relationship.   Business closure, house.    
AQUARIUS   Today work schedules.  Appoint employee from July 2023.  Resources, payments, finance source from delay December 2023.
PISCES   Today movement.  Operations, from delay of December 2023.  Finance focus.  Movement, holiday for July 2024.

Today with schedules.  Routines.
Work focus of February, the return of agreement of January 26 2024.   
Venus with Mars.  Conflict, disruption, action.  Acquisition.  
Potential for agreement or dispute in relations, confrontation.  Linked to January 27 2024, seen February 9 2024.  Resolve May 29 2024. 

ARIES    Disruption, action with finance, own asset verses loan.  Look to resources from January 26 2024.  Finance surge May 2024.
TAURUS   Disruption, action with relationship.  Focus on selfhood from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with status of direction May 2024.
GEMINI   Disruption, action with work.  Ending, closure from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with foreign seen May 2024.
CANCER   Disruption, action with main investment.  Profit, pricing, supply of January 27 2024.  Finance gains seen May 2024.
LEO   Disruption, action with property.  Change in direction from January 27 2024.  Movement seen May 2024. 
VIRGO   Disruption, action with work.  Employee from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with work seen May 2024.
LIBRA   Disruption, action with own finance and loan.  Assistance from others, finance from January 27 2024.  Investment seen May 2024.
SCORPIO   Disruption, action with relationship.  Movement, meeting, agreement of January 27 2024.  Breakthrough of direction May 2024.
SAGITTARIUS    Disruption, action with work.  Schedules, health from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with work appointment May 2024.
CAPRICORN   Disruption, action with investment.  Supply from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with finance May 2024.
AQUARIUS    Disruption, action with contract.  Agreement from January 26 2024.  Breakthrough with premises May 2024.
PISCES    Disruption, action with investment.  Supply from January 27 2024.  Breakthrough with finance May 2024.

Today routines. 
Working of agreement of January 26 2024. 
Mercury enters Pisces.

Today association of January 28 2024.
Focus on property.  Recreation. 
Full Moon in Virgo with Regulus.  Clarity with conflict.    
Today’s association reflects the agreement of March for investment April, engagement May 2024.

ARIES    Routines.  Home.  Relatives.  Work focus for engagement April 2024.  Foreign.  Move, place change June 2024.
TAURUS   Today finance focus.  Linked to work ending of February 28 2024.  Closure, withdraw April 2024.
GEMINI   Today with self.  Movement, with others.  Agreement with premises of March.  Finance gains April 2024.
CANCER   Today clarity with work,  employee.  Direct behind the scenes.  Arrange premises Tuesday.  Agreement, movement April 2024. 
LEO   Today social.  Investment for March.  Work focus for April from closure of January 2024. 
VIRGO   Today with property.  Engagement for March.  Investment gains April 2024. 
LIBRA   Today plan.  Work ties for March.  Appoint employee.  Contract for April.  Property change March 2024. 
SCORPIO   Today finance, constraints of March 2024.   Payments.  Closure of January 30, withdraw.   Work busy April 2024. 
SAGITTARIUS    Today movement, meetings.  Direction for March.  Finance gains April-June from loss of January 2024.   
CAPRICORN  Today routines.  Work focus, ending for March.  Movement, new direction April 2024. 
AQUARIUS   Today assess finance for March.  Work ending April, work appointment May 2024.  Recreation.
PISCES   Today home.  Agreement for engagement March 2024.  Investment gains April 2024. 

Today focus on property.  Property supplies.
Revenue gains. Agreement
The decline of February 28, advance of May 2024. 
Moon at apogee.

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