Week of 26th May 2019

26th May 2019

Third quarter Moon. A time of assessing and re-orienting direction of April. Eventful 30th May: outcomes of direction from week of 13th May. 31st May-3rd June dark of Moon, a time of secrecy as the Moon ruler of light, ruler of our daily routine affairs is in her dark Moon phase. News heard indicate hidden intentions: avoid commitments until after the 4th June when the light returns to reveal the hidden things.

27th highlighted are matters of wealth. Fortunate to send ambassadors, managers, advisors as representatives and to negotiate; fortunate to buy and sell, fortunate for journeying. Good of study, accounting, schooling.

28th fortunate to implement directives as advice received here is beneficial, from aspected Jupiter, Ruler of judgement

29th marred day of disruptions, contentions. New acquaintances lead to discord.

30th meetings with authority figures lead to constraints, trips are delayed

A time and a place for everything …..

2019 JUNE

12th Dec 2018

2019 JUNE

June 2019 highlights work outcomes from projects of April 2019. Projects of May–June yield results in July 2019. June focus of activity in business status, client association and credit. Busyness with deadlines. Financial gain and expenditure of investments and work busyness. Finances linked to foreign associations. Work daily affairs linked to payments from contractual agreements and investments. Movement and gain in contractual affairs regarding property. Loss of wealth through investments. Dissent of employees adversely affect daily routine affairs, sees outcome July. Breaking off of routines in higher education.

NEW MOON from 4th June: new beginnings, sowing the seed, designing, setting up the groundwork, timing deadline lists. FULL MOON 17th June a time of fruition, materialisation of plans from the week of 4th.

June features delays of moving into new direction from April. Resolution can be expected September 2019. JUNE KEY DATES: 5th material gain, disruption, movement, trips, payments; 14th faulty purchases, plans will not work out as planned, news are misleading; 16th successful outcomes. 19th financial loss, obstructions.

Foresights are general applying globally. Relevant individual foresights are revealed in the personal road-map.

JUNE WEEK 1st-9th 3rd hidden ill intentions; 4th busyness of communications, emails, plans, technology, accounts, organising trips, forunate for trips and legal affairs; 5th unfortunate for mechanical affairs, disruptions in associations with men, not a good time to do or buy new things; 6th material gain; 7th cutting ties, movement, trip; 8th social events, fortunate association with women.

To see things in the seed, that is genius  РLao Tzu